Dealing with Emergency Roof Leaks Tips from Your Experts on Roof Repair in Buda TX

Damaged Shingles in need of roof repair in Buda TX

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    When it comes to home ownership, sometimes you can take every precaution but still end up with an emergency maintenance situation. While having a regular, professional roof inspection does decrease the likelihood of unexpected issues, preventative measures can only go so far sometimes. Roof leaks can be caused by a wide range of conditions, but you are most likely to notice a major roof leak when the weather is rainy. This might seem like a desperate situation because the rain does naturally complicate your approach in finding a solution, but luckily, there are several things you can do to minimize the damage while you weather the storm!

    If you find yourself with a leaking roof, you want to take action fast. Fortunately, we at Divided Sky Roofing & Solar offer emergency 24/7 roofing repairs! So, if you discover a roof leak and you are in any of our central Texas service locations listed below, Divided Sky Roofing can be there in a flash with the best team around to take care of you and your home!

    Discovering a Leak

    Often times, when you first discover a leak inside your home it will be in the form of a puddle like water bubble in your ceiling. This may not be where the leak is originating from, but addressing this area, where the water is gathering, can help you limit the amount of damage that is caused by it. Start by removing anything you can from underneath or nearby this area like furniture, rugs, or decor. You will want to find a large bucket if you have one available, but even a large kitchen pot can be used. One of the best options for a water catcher is a trash bin on wheels because not only are these large enough to handle a storms worth of water without you having to constantly empty it out, but the wheels allow for easy disposal when the time is right. Place your water pail under the designated area, and then use a tool to poke a small drain hole in the center of where the water is gathered. Pro-tip: for added protection, lay down a tarp, trash bags, or towels under the receptacle. You might worry that you have a massive leak on your hands due to a large bulge in the drywall, however, you will likely discover a slow leak once the gathered water has drained. One of the biggest benefits of draining the area where water is gathering is that it minimizes the damage caused by the leak. Water damage is one of the biggest perpetrators when it comes to your home because it opens the door for so many other issues like wood rot, mold, and other damaging bacteria. By draining the leak, you reduce the amount of water caught in your home and the surface area of the affected location, which, in turn, will reduce your repair costs as well!

    Find the Source of the Problem

    If you discover water leaking inside of your home, that does not necessarily mean you have a roof leak. Leaks can be caused by plumbing issues, HVAC units, heavy condensation, and more. Finding whatever is the cause of your leak quickly can help reduce damage and repair costs, but this might be more difficult than expected because water can travel quite a distance from the entry point to wherever you locate the leak in your house. If your roof is the culprit, a good place to start the search is the attic. When it comes to roaming around your attic, there are several safety measures that you will want to take. For instance, it’s important to only put your body weight on the joists. These are the two-by-eights that run parallel to each other, and oftentimes, people lay plywood across them to provide a wider walk space, because stepping on an area besides these joists puts you at risk of falling through your ceiling. Also, if you have loose insulation, or if you notice that any insulation is wet, you want to be sure to have on gloves and long sleeves before handling it. One method of finding the source of the leak is to follow any water spots or trails, and these might travel quite a ways from the origin point. Check along side rafters, as water can often travel alongside these. If you discover an open drip in your attic, you can set up another receptacle to stop it from damaging your ceiling further, but just be sure to place any objects on surfaces supported by joists.

    What can Cause a Leak?

    While roof leaks can be caused by many things, there are a handful of likely culprits causing your specific situation.

    • Weather Damage—Harsh weather, especially hail, can compromise your shingle which can be the early stages of a roof leak. While hail is often the biggest culprit, excessive wind and rain can also do some damage as well. This is why it is important to have any missing, cracked, or loose shingles repaired immediately. Your shingles are your roof’s main line of defense, so when they are weakened, it opens your roof up to a wide range of issues including leaks.
    • Clogged Gutters—The main purpose of your gutters is to move water away from your roof to a desired location where it won’t damage your home. When your gutters become clogged, water can’t be relocated, and instead, it sits on your roof which will weaken under the weight of the stagnant water.
    • Punctured Surface—Wind blown debris or falling tree limbs can compromise your roof by puncturing the surface or damaging shingles. This is one reason why it is recommended to trim trees away from your roof! If you think your roof has been damaged by a storm, falling debris, or by wear and tear brought on by age, it’s best to address these issues before they escalate into bigger repair projects.

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    Instead of waiting for that water damage to get the best of you, call Divided Sky Roofing & Solar to come inspect your roof! Whether you need emergency roof repairs or gutter replacement in Buda TX, we can help walk you through any necessary repairs so that you can feel confident that your roof is performing at its best!

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