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    Storm looming on the horizon of homes inspected by our San Marcos roofing company

    The Calm Before the Storm: Preparing Your Roof & Gutters Against Hailstorms

    While the Spring season in Texas equals great temperature and fun outdoorsy activities, consider yourself warned. March begins the yearly hail season—ice as big as golf balls wreak havoc by…
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    Attic ventilation system on a metal roof installed by our Buda roofers

    The Importance of Attic Ventilation

    One thing is for sure, when you have a home of your own you want to keep it well maintained. That means your ceiling, roof and utilities, but it can…
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    Shingles stacked on a roof by a San Marcos roofing team

    4 Things To Know Before Your Roof Replacement

    The average lifespan of a roof is around 20 years, but this number is affected by a couple of factors like the materials used or the climate of the region…
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    Damaged Siding on House

    How to Protect Siding From Water Damage

    Siding is also known as wall cladding, is designed to protect a house or building from being damaged by external factors such as rain, snow, heat, cold, and the sun.…
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    House with a new roof installed by a San Marcos roofing contractor

    How To Spot Whether Or Not You Need To Replace Your Roof

    If you own a home, you might expect the roof to last the entire time you live in it. This can be the case for some homes, but oftentimes a…
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    Damaged Shingles in need of roof repair in Buda TX

    Dealing with Emergency Roof Leaks

    When it comes to home ownership, sometimes you can take every precaution but still end up with an emergency maintenance situation. While having a regular, professional roof inspection does decrease…
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    Roof with shingle damage awaiting repairs from our San Marcos roofing team.

    How To Handle Leaks Before Repair

    Is it raining in your home again? This is a common problem that most people experience, however most people do not know how to fix without calling a contractor. To…
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    A calculator, pen, and paperwork sit on a desk.

    Does Home Insurance Cover Roof Leaks?

    When it comes to your home, it is never a bad time to become acquainted with your insurance coverage. Knowing exactly what falls under your policy before disaster strikes can…
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    Rain on pavement

    Signs Your Gutters Need To Be Replaced

    Owning a home or property comes with a lot of responsibilities to consider, and without the right knowledge base, approaching home repairs can seem overwhelming. There are so many different…
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    A tile roof sustains major storm damage.

    Invisible Tile Roof Damage

    There are places with unpredictable weather patterns and severe storms, a reality that many people have to contend with. Even though your roof might look held up well through high…
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