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    Owning a home or property comes with a lot of responsibilities to consider, and without the right knowledge base, approaching home repairs can seem overwhelming. There are so many different aspects to keeping your property in proper working condition, and your gutter and drainage system is no exception. While a well built gutter system can last for decades and sometimes even longer, it is important to be aware of the damage that can occur along the way. Here are a few tips to help you decide if your gutters need to either be repaired or replaced.

    Post Storm Inspection

    Just like your roof or siding, your gutters can take in a lot of damage after a storm with high winds or hail. As you have your roof inspected after one of these natural events, it is important to also be aware of the condition of your gutters. If you notice a lot of dents or bends in your gutters, it is possible that the integrity of the system has been compromised.

    Loose or Missing Screws

    If you start to find screws on the ground below your gutter system, it is likely that they are coming loose. While it is very simple to reattach a few missing screws, when this happens regularly, it might be an indication that your gutters are reaching the end of their life span.

    Leaks Throughout the System

    If you can step out during a rainstorm and observe your gutter system at work, you might be able to identify any weak points over all. The purpose of your gutters is to divert water to a specific place, so if water is leaking on the way to that designated location, then you know there is an issue. Being able to identify the exact portion of your system that needs replacing can save you a lot of money by only replacing the part that is starting to fail.

    Space Between the Gutter and the Roof

    It is a very simple solution to nail your gutter back to the board attached to your roof, but if it happens regularly then you probably have some wood rot on those boards. If this is the case, then you would want to replace them entirely, and most likely, attach new gutters to the boards as well. This will help you start from scratch with a new, sturdy gutter system that should last you for a while before any additional upkeep is necessary.

    Peeling Paint

    If water is getting out of your gutter system through leaks, cracks, or otherwise, then water is likely to get into your siding and trim. This can raise a lot of issues if not addressed over time, but you should be able to identify it by noticing paint bubbling or peeling. Water, if left over time, can cause wood rot, the buildup of bacteria, and will create a breeding ground for mold if left unchecked.

    While it might seem like your gutter system woes are problems that can be left until a later date, forgoing these repairs can be the difference between a simple, low cost repair of a part of your gutters and a massive undertaking of your foundation. Don’t let small repairs fester into bigger, unnecessary issues. Instead, identify potential weak points in your gutter system and replace or repair them. Give yourself confidence knowing that your gutter and roof are working properly, allowing you to live comfortably in the home you love.

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