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    Pearl Certified Solar Installation

    What Does Pearl Certification Mean?

    Your home is valuable to you and to future homebuyers. With Pearl Certification, you get the guidance and tools you need to increase your home’s value and maximize its price…
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    Curled Shingles

    What to Do If Your Roof Has Curled Shingles

    Curled shingles are a common issue in older homes. The problem is caused by the shingles drying out and losing their flexibility. As a result, they begin to curl at…
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    How to Keep Pesky Squirrels Away from Your Roof

    A pesky problem that many homeowners face is squirrels on the roof. These critters are drawn to the warmth generated by your home and will often find their way inside…
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    bird that has nested on a roof

    Can Birds Damage Your Roof? Here’s What You Should Know

    Doing routine maintenance on your roof is an important step in ensuring that any possible damage is detected early on. Types of damage can include punctures, rotting caused by debris,…
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    rain falling on a possibly leaky roof

    Things to Look For That Might Signify a Roof Leak

    Roofers have a keen eye for areas on the roof that may lead to leaking. They are trained to spot potential areas that will ultimately result in damage to walls,…
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    Man Cleaning Gutters

    How to Keep Your Roof and Gutters Clean During the Fall

    Fall is the season of change. Leaves are falling, pumpkins are being carved, and people are starting to bundle up for winter. It’s also the perfect time to remember that…
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    man hammering green colored shingles on roof

    Do Preventative Roof Maintenance Programs Really Save You Money?

     Because replacing a roof can be so expensive, many home and business owners budget accordingly with a roof maintenance program. It’s a common belief that there are fewer worries regarding…
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    man working in an attic

    The Benefits of Attic Fans and How They Work 

    It’s no surprise that the attic is one of the hottest parts of your home. Especially in the summertime, your attic gets even hotter. Having a hot attic may seem…
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    Angled Skylight

    Benefits of Skylights for Your Home

    A source of natural light may significantly alter the way your house feels and performs. One of the simplest methods to brighten up a living area is to install a…
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    Arial view of houses with solar shingle roof in Kyle

    Roof Maintenance Tips That Save You Money

    When your roof is in good condition, it’s best fit to serve its intended purpose. It’s easy to think of your roof as being able to take care of itself,…
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    Garden herbs planted in repurposed rain gutters

    Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Rain Gutters

    A rain gutter is a part of your home that helps to drain water off of the roof to prevent flooding and leaks. Rain gutters can be used in your…
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    Old and new siding side-by-side

    Signs You Should Replace Your Home’s Siding

    The first impression of a home is determined by how the roof, the windows and the siding look. The siding, however, provides protection, and it is the most prominent part…
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    A home with a metal roofing system in Buda TX

    Maintaining Your Metal Roofing System

    A metal roof can be a great option for any home or business. They have excellent longevity and can typically last for 40–70 years depending on the materials chosen for…
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    San Marcos TX roofing team performing roof maintenance in fall

    The Importance of Fall Roof Maintenance

    One of the most vital parts of your home, and one which need constant care, are your roof. You must understand the importance of good fall roof maintenance and be…
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    Artistic rendering of 3 gutters side by side

    Choosing the Right Rain Gutters

    Upkeep on your home may seem like a never-ending job. It can often feel like something always needs fixing or replacing immediately. Don’t wait until you’re scraping paint or replacing…
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    Vinyl Siding on House

    Types of Siding

    Siding enhances property value and is the first thing that potential buyers see from the curb. With a range of options in the market, from wood to brick to vinyl,…
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    shingle roof with tools for roof repair in Buda TX

    Preventing Roofing Issues Before They Happen

    Roofing problems can be very frustrating. We all want our homes to be safe and comfortable. Unfortunately, if the roof has some problems, like leaks or other damage, it cannot…
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    Interior house with skylight

    Pros and Cons of Skylights

    Have you ever been in your home on a beautiful day and ever wish you could look up and see the blue of the sky and the green of the…
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    Damaged Siding on House

    How to Protect Siding From Water Damage

    Siding is also known as wall cladding, is designed to protect a house or building from being damaged by external factors such as rain, snow, heat, cold, and the sun.…
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    Gutter installed by our Kyle roofing company

    Gutter Maintenance to Prepare for Winter

    If you have gutters, then you are aware of how in the wintertime they can become troublesome. If you utilize these helpful tips, then you will find that your gutters…
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