GAF Certifications

If you’ve ever had work done on your roof, you’ve probably heard someone mention GAF at some point. If you’ve ever wondered who GAF is or why we at Divided Sky Roofing & Exteriors love working with them, you’ve come to the right place.

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    Who Is GAF?

    Did You Know? At one time GAF was also active in the manufacture of film! One of their manufacturing projects included the View-Master, created in 1939 and sold by Sawyer’s.

    GAF logo

    GAF has a long and important history. GAF has manufactured some of the best residential and commercial roofing materials available since the 19th century, and continues to do so today.

    GAF has remained one of the top influences in the roofing industry through the years in part due to their culture of excellence and their dedication to pushing innovation. To name just one example, GAF developed GAF Energy, an extension of their business dedicated to bringing roof-integrated solar energy to roofs around the U.S.

    Divided Sky and GAF

    GAF Master Elite Residential Roofing Contractor logo

    Divided Sky is proud to be a GAF certified Master Elite roofing contractor, one of only two in San Marcos. Through our partnership with GAF we are able to provide not only top of the line roofing materials for residential and commercial roofing projects, but also provide promotions that help our community, such as GAF’s “Roofs For Troops” rebate available for qualifying U.S. military service members.

    Along with GAF’s certification come the opportunities to earn distinctions from them.

    Divided Sky was proud to be recognized by receiving GAF’s Triple Excellence Award for 2020.

    More About The GAF Triple Excellence Award

    The GAF Triple Excellence Award is bestowed on roofing contractors who have earned three other excellence distinctions: the Installation Excellence achievement, the Consumer Protection achievement, and the Training Excellence achievement.

    Icon of a hammer with the text "Installation Excellence"

    What is the GAF Installation Excellence Achievement?

    In order to achieve installation excellence, roofing contractors must consistently meet stringent quality criteria set by GAF when installing roof replacements for residential and commercial projects. GAF has their own quality experts who inspect the roof replacements completed by the roofing contractor being considered for this achievement. This ensures that the roofers GAF awards the installation excellence distinction to are only those who deliver the highest quality and consistency in their roof replacement projects.

    Icon of a shield with the text "Consumer Protection Excellence"

    What is the GAF Consumer Protection Achievement?

    To meet GAF consumer protection excellence standards, roofing contractors must utilize GAF’s roofing systems and their Golden Pledge® Warranty. These contractors are also tasked with ensuring that the home and business owners they work with have a full understanding of the warranties available and how they can help them in the future.

    Icon of a pencil with the text "Training Excellence"

    What is the GAF Training Excellence Achievement?

    This achievement is awarded to roofers who are dedicated to continued learning and technical training. These contractors must keep up with current trends and advancements in roofing in roofing materials, installation, and more.

    Our Services

    Roofer repairing shingles on roof


    Need roof replacement or roof repair in San Marcos? Contact Divided Sky, A GAF Triple Excellence certified roofer serving local residents and businesses. We offer free roof inspections.

    Professional installing commercial and residential gutters in San Marcos


    If it’s part of your roof, we can help you with it. That includes new gutter installation. We custom make gutters on-site to ensure that they’re the perfect fit for your home and will protect it from runoff.

    Man installing a window pane


    These may not be part of your roof, but we can still help you out! Divided Sky now offers window replacement and installation for home and business owners. We’ll be happy to help you choose what you need.

    Front Door


    You don’t need to replace the doors in your home very often, but when the time comes you need it done fast. Divided Sky will have the new door of your choice installed in your home before you can even miss the old one.

    Vinyl Siding on House


    Rotting siding doesn’t just look bad – it can hurt your home if left for too long. Have one of our professionals come out whenever you need them to install clean new siding that makes your house look younger.

    Types of Exterior Paint for Your Home, San Marcos TX Painting Company


    Whether your project calls for interior or exterior paint, we’ve got you covered. Our experts will complete your home painting project on time and leave only a clean workspace behind.

    About Us

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