Invisible Tile Roof Damage

Storm Damage
A tile roof sustains major storm damage.

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    There are places with unpredictable weather patterns and severe storms, a reality that many people have to contend with. Even though your roof might look held up well through high winds and rain, it might have gotten some undetectable damages from the serious weather conditions. This spells serious repairs in the end. Tiles are durable and can be a tough nut to crack during severe storms. However, they are not impervious to being lifted by high winds only to return to their original position. Sometimes, they may shift because of this. This can compromise the functionality of your roof, and you need a keen eye to spot any invisible damage.

    The Challenges of Tile Roof Damage

    Shifted tiles need replacing because they might have caused shifting in the functioning system. This system could crack the roof underlayment, and you can get leaks from the holes caused by the shift. As such, a tile roof requires special attention because the texture, color, and play of shadow and light bring a unique character to any building whose roof no other one ca match. However, many roofs are lost  because of negligence, ignorance, or some roofing repair contractors.

    Why Regular Inspection is Important

    Installing a new tile roof is laborious in as much as it is expensive. However, when you weigh the initial cost against the life expectancy of the roof, a clay tile becomes very cost-effective. Since a tile roof is expensive, it gives you all the reason to keep monitoring for any invisible damage and repair it instead of installing completely new Kyle roofing.

    If Tile Roof Damage Occurs

    Tile roofs are durable, and some can last for over 100 years under most conditions. Should there be a leak in a tile roof, the causes could be any of the following:

    • Failure of metal flashings
    • Failure of metal fasteners
    • Several broken tiles caused by cascading ice or careless roofers

    It is uncommon to find all tiles in a roof malfunctioning unless a severe hailstorm has broken them. If most leaks are caused by the failure of metal flashings, you can lift a limited number of tiles, replace the flashings, and relay the tiles. You may find some cracked tiles during this process, which you can replace at that time. An experienced roof tile contractor must do this work.

    Why Tile Roofs are Worth the Trouble

    Tile roofs have advantages over other types of roofs. They are pest resistant and can endure harsh weather conditions. They have superior thermal properties that lessen temperatures on the roof deck to maintain this roof; you can follow these tips because they are essential in preventing both visible and invisible damages on your tile roof.

    Inspect your roof periodically looking for any damaged sections and have them replaced immediately. It helps in reducing the effects of other problems within your tile roof. You also have to refrain from pressure washing your roof, because it can erode the concrete tiles or permeate through into the felt and case flooding in the roof space. It also reduces the life expectancy of your tile roof. You can also carefully walk on your roof as you clean or make repairs. Tiles are fragile, and walking on them can cause damage. You have to distribute your weight within an area wider than your foot.

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