Got Hit By Hail? Do These Things Immediately Hail Storm Damage in Kyle TX

Storm Damage
Roof Wind & Hail Storm Damage in Wimberley & Kyle, TX

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    As the spring season approaches, it also welcomes the time of the year when storms include hail. Stories about hail are never pleasant. In most cases, they leave despicable damages to properties, especially roofs.

    Thus, it is crucial to know the key steps to take if your property sustains damages from hail stones. The right measures help you to account for every damage before contacting a roof repair or insurance company. So, if you get hit by hail, here are the seven things that you should do immediately.

    Get Your Camera and Conduct an Exterior Inspection

    Extreme hail stones can damage anything surrounding your house including trees. During the storm, you can end up with huge tree branches crashing on the building and anything around it. Besides, the hail storm results in other damages that send debris across the place.

    You will need to document every aspect of the damage by taking photos. You also have to secure them on a cloud. In some cases, the insurance companies provide applications for such purposes. The assessment of the aftermath should cover different areas including:

    • The roof
    • Siding
    • Gutters
    • Downspouts
    • Water management systems
    • Window screens

    You can use a selfie stick to access hard-to-reach spaces such as your roof. Take note of all the areas that sustained any dents from the hail stones.

    Clearing any Potential Hazards

    Pieces from broken glass windows and tree branches can be a danger to your household. Once the storm is over, you clean out the debris and other fragments from hail damage. It helps to restore the safe conditions of the building. Only remove the aftermaths of the storm after you take images and document the impact of the storm properly.

    Create a Temporary Blockage for Roof Leaks

    Roof leaks are one of the common impacts of extreme hail storms as the stones can dent the roof. If you notice roof leaks, you have to come up with a temporary solution to mitigate further problems. Do this before a professional roof repair company can come.

    It is vital to prevent further damage, especially where your insurance may not cover it. Failure to mitigate further reparations can result in mold, wood rot, and other costly issues in the long run.

    Contact a Qualified Roofing Company

    Once you complete the external inspection and prevent further issues, you will need a permanent solution for the damaged parts. For this part, you will need a licensed roofing company.

    Before you entrust the job to the company, ensure that the roofing contractor:

    • Is certified
    • Has a license
    • Is experienced
    • Comes highly recommended

    Call Your Insurance Company

    You need to contact your insurance providers as soon as possible to get the claims process started. The company may send an insurance adjuster to check the extent of damage sustained to the property. You might need an experienced roofing company to help to identify the hail storm damages.


    Hail storms can be quite overwhelming, especially when you have to deal with their aftermaths. Understanding the critical measures that you can take once it happens is vital. With the help of a professional insurance company, you can protect your property and avoid mistakes during the insurance claims process.

    Roof Wind Damage in Wimberley & Kyle

    If your home has experienced storm damage recently, or you have a repair you have been putting off, Divided Sky can help! We are your resource for all things roofing. No matter what kind of repair your roof needs, our team of specialists can get the job done right for a competitive price.

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