How To Handle Leaks Before Repair Tips from Divided Sky, Your San Marcos Roofing Contractors

Storm Damage
Roof with shingle damage awaiting repairs from our San Marcos roofing team.

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    Is it raining in your home again? This is a common problem that most people experience, however most people do not know how to fix without calling a contractor. To start out, here are some quick tasks that you should perform in order to ensure that your property is not subject to damage. Do not worry, you have come to the right place! This article will give you tips that can help you keep your home and belongings safe during this property catastrophe!

    Track Down Where The leak Is

    Stopping the water damage can help tremendously! First, you need to find out exactly where the leaks are coming from. One easy way to do this is to find where you’ve placed the pots on the floor to catch the water, but you may also need to get on top of the roof or search around in your attic. When there is a hole in your roof, oftentimes the first place that the water travels is to the plywood of your attic. Make sure to double check places on the ceiling within the roof. You can see places that may have water damage by some of these signs.

    • Mold or mildew is forming on the ceiling or in the attic.
    • You see missing or cracked shingles. They area can appear to have shingles that are lifted up as well.
    • Look for tears that may appear on the rolling material that is placed underneath the shingles.

    Once you find the location of the leak then you have made your roof repairmen’s job more specific and effective! They will not have to go about their own means to figure out where to perform their services and possibly overwork, saving you money on time spent repairing the cause of the water damage.

    Stop The Water Damage

    Now that you have an idea of where the water is coming in and causing the damage, depending on the area and seriousness of the damage, consult other sources on the best method to stop the leak. This may include temporarily using a tarp to isolate the issue before a repairman can arrive. First, make sure contact your insurance company to make sure that you do not perform any tasks that they do not cover.

    Move Furniture And More

    This is a vital step! Your roofing company will not be able to fix this so, it’s completely up to you. Please move any furniture out of the way that may be subject to the effects of the water damage so that it does not mold, rot, or become damaged any other way. This includes carpets, chairs, beds, and other pieces that could be damaged.

    Schedule Your Roof Repair in San Marcos TX

    Now, you can sit back and relax since your roof is one step ahead of the rain! While you have now instituted a temporary fix, the next step will be finding good San Marcos roofing contractors and notifying them of the leaks to get them fixed as soon as possible. Your contractor will be able to replace any shingles, repair rolling paper, and tend to other details that need attention! Be prepared to contribute whatever type of information and observations that the contractor may need in order to do their job correctly and efficiently.

    Of course, not all leaks are the result of roof damage. Sometimes, old or improperly installed windows can cause leaks that result in property damage. If you suspect this may be the case with your leak, call Divided Sky to discuss your options for window replacement in San Marcos TX. Whether it’s roofs or windows, we’ve got you covered!


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