Maintaining Your Metal Roofing System Tips from Our Buda TX Roof Repair Team

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A home with a metal roofing system in Buda TX

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    A metal roof can be a great option for any home or business. They have excellent longevity and can typically last for 40–70 years depending on the materials chosen for the roof. This could double or even triple the amount of time asphalt shingle roofs tend to last. Therefore, a metal roof is a great investment and should be properly maintained to ensure the roof lasts.

    Traditionally, metal roofing tends to be very low maintenance and is known for its longevity. However, that does not mean the roof can just be ignored. A metal roof will still require proper maintenance throughout the years to stay in good condition and last for its projected lifespan.

    Avoid Walking on the Roof

    The most important piece of information for anyone with a metal roof would be to avoid walking on the roof at all costs. A roof made out of metal is typically thinner than traditional asphalt roofs. Therefore, the roof is more susceptible to becoming bent or even possibly punctured once people have walked around on the roof. In order to properly maintain a metal roof, very few individuals, if any, should be walking on the roof. These roofs also tend to be much more slick in wet weather conditions and make for less than ideal walking areas.

    Keep Metal Objects Away

    Another aspect of maintenance for any metal roof would be to avoid other metals making contact with the roofing. When certain metals come into contact with each other, they have the possibility of reacting and causing electrolysis. This could potentially lead to damaging corrosion throughout the roofing. Therefore, all professionals that install the roof or do any work involving the roof should be educated and understand the various metals that may have negative reactions together.

    Check for Exposed Fasteners

    There is sure to be normal wear and tear on a metal roof throughout the years. As a result, the roof will need to be routinely checked thoroughly for typical wear. The first item that should be regularly checked would be fasteners that become exposed over time. Leaving these fasteners unaddressed could lead to significant damage over time. If any loose fastener is spotted, it should be replaced immediately to prevent more severe issues in the future.

    Inspect the Sealants and Boots

    Furthermore, the sealants and boots of any metal roofing should al be checked routinely for wear and tear. These areas are especially important to inspect because they’re common spots for leakages to occur. Entry points such as chimneys, skylights, or low points are prime areas that will also need to be routinely checked to ensure the metal roof has being well maintained. If anything looks worn or damaged, always call in a professional for further assistance to ensure a job is completely properly.

    Enjoy Your Roof for Years to Come

    All in all, a metal roof is not just any old ordinary roofing option. A traditional asphalt roof is guaranteed to break down over time, requiring costly repairs and eventually a complete re-roofing job. However, a metal roof is a large investment but one that will pay off continuously for decades. If a metal roof is properly maintained, it is guaranteed to protect against some of the worst weather conditions throughout its long life.

    Find Help from Our Buda TX Roofing Team

    Inspecting your own metal roof can be dangerous, and there’s always a chance you’ll miss something a professional would have no trouble spotting. If you live in Central Texas and need a team of professionals to help make sure your metal roof is in good condition, contact our Buda roofing experts at Divided Sky Roofing & Solar for a free inspection. We’ll make sure your roof is good to go for years to come!

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