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    Man Cleaning Gutters

    How to Keep Your Roof and Gutters Clean During the Fall

    Fall is the season of change. Leaves are falling, pumpkins are being carved, and people are starting to bundle up for winter. It’s also the perfect time to remember that…
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    Christmas lights hung safely along a roof's edge with tips from our San Marcos roofing company contractors

    How to Hang Christmas Lights Without Damaging Your Roof

    For homeowners, one of the best parts about the holidays is the chance to turn a home into a spectacular light show with Christmas lights. Exciting as this activity can…
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    A flat commercial roof against a winter sky, maintained by our San Marcos TX roofing company and contractors

    Make Sure Your Commercial Roof is Ready for Winter

    Winter will be upon us soon. That means freezing temperatures and winter weather will be here along with the changing seasons. If you own or maintain a commercial building, you…
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    A home with a metal roofing system in Buda TX

    Maintaining Your Metal Roofing System

    A metal roof can be a great option for any home or business. They have excellent longevity and can typically last for 40–70 years depending on the materials chosen for…
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    San Marcos TX roofing team performing roof maintenance in fall

    The Importance of Fall Roof Maintenance

    One of the most vital parts of your home, and one which need constant care, are your roof. You must understand the importance of good fall roof maintenance and be…
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    Storm looming on the horizon of homes inspected by our San Marcos roofing company

    The Calm Before the Storm: Preparing Your Roof & Gutters Against Hailstorms

    While the Spring season in Texas equals great temperature and fun outdoorsy activities, consider yourself warned. March begins the yearly hail season—ice as big as golf balls wreak havoc by…
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    Roof in the Summertime

    Tips for Helping your Roof Last Longer

    Owning your home is a huge step and a great investment into yourself and your future, and because of the cost, maintaining and caring for the property should be one…
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    Exterior of two story home with shingle roof

    Guide To Roof Insulation

    Any roofing expert understands the need for insulation to increase a roof’s performance and lifespan, and to reduce operational costs. Upgrading roof insulation requires expertise and knowledge, such as a…
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    shingle roof with tools for roof repair in Buda TX

    Preventing Roofing Issues Before They Happen

    Roofing problems can be very frustrating. We all want our homes to be safe and comfortable. Unfortunately, if the roof has some problems, like leaks or other damage, it cannot…
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    A clock on top of 4 types of roof materials

    How long Does a Roof Last?

    When you become a homeowner, you want to make sure that every part of your home stays intact throughout your lifetime. To that end, you will need to perform regular…
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    House with a new roof installed by a San Marcos roofing contractor

    How To Spot Whether Or Not You Need To Replace Your Roof

    If you own a home, you might expect the roof to last the entire time you live in it. This can be the case for some homes, but oftentimes a…
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    Pros And Cons of Different Roof Insulations

    Pros And Cons of Different Roof Insulations

    You might not find yourself thinking about your roof insulation very often, though, it is working for you in a big way around the clock. This “out of sight, out…
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    Cleaning and Maintaining Your Roof | Advice from San Marcos Roofing Company

    Cleaning and Maintaining Your Roof

    Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home, so keeping it clean should be a normal part of your home maintenance routine. In order to prevent…
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    Professional Roof repair in Seguin TX Cutting Tree

    How To Trim Your Trees To Prevent Damage

    Encouraging an ecological and fundamental balance in your home and yard is essential to prevent damage that can occur from weathering or from other natural disasters, according to professionals in…
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