How to Hang Christmas Lights Without Damaging Your Roof Safety Tips from Our San Marcos Roofing Company Contractors

Christmas lights hung safely along a roof's edge with tips from our San Marcos roofing company contractors

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    For homeowners, one of the best parts about the holidays is the chance to turn a home into a spectacular light show with Christmas lights. Exciting as this activity can be, it’s important to take into consideration safety protocols when climbing your roof to hang lights and other decorations. It would be a sure-fire way to ruin any holiday season if you struggle to hang your lights and end up falling or damaging your roof. To help you avoid any harm to yourself or your roof this year, we’ve put together a few tips to keep in mind as you hang your Christmas lights. Remember that while it’s best to avoid walking on your roof altogether, always pay attention to where you step if you must climb on your roof.

    Avoid Steep Pitches

    Avoid walking on the roof before you can locate the perfect place to hang the lights. It can easily lead to a fall that will spoil your Christmas mood. If it is a must to climb the roof, ensure you climb where the pitch is not steep. A steep pitch can lead to falls that can lead to serious injury. If you are not sure, it is a good idea to hire a professional for the job.

    Avoid Leaning Your Ladder on Gutters

    Gutters can easily break if you let a heavy ladder lean against them. You can easily fall and injure yourself if you lean the ladder on a weak surface. Inspect the surface where you are about to lean the ladder before you can proceed. The surfaces where you can lean the ladder should be strong enough to support the weight. When using a ladder to access your roof, always be sure to secure the ladder well before climbing.

    Inspect the Lights and Cords

    All lights and cords should meet safety standards. Always insist on using UL approved extension cords. The cords should be designed for outdoor use. The cords will indicate the right steps you can take to hang them. Always ensure you follow the standards, and it should be easy to get the lights in place.

    Avoid Damaged Cords

    You may have some damaged cords if you’re using older Christmas lights year after year. Always avoid the damaged cords because they will easily expose you to accidents. Remember, you are hanging them outside, and they can easily lead to electrocution if they come into contact with water.

    Plan Ahead for Accessories

    You will need several items to make sure your Christmas lights hang perfectly. For example, you will need LED lights, cords, among other items. Plan and buy all the necessary accessories you need before you can proceed to start the project. Investing in the right tools will work towards helping you get the job done perfectly. You can utilize LED lights because they are effective in conserving energy.

    Examine the Areas where You Intend to Hang the Lights

    The areas where you would like to hang the lights should be well prepared. Be sure to check all surfaces to determine whether they can work well when hanging the lights. The area will determine the number of light strings and the length of the cords you may need.

    Use Light Clips

    Though it’s not nearly as much fun as hanging them, Christmas lights will inevitably be removed after the festive season is over. Avoid using nails, screws, or staples to hang the lights. Use light clips to make it easy to remove them after the Christmas celebration is over. Light clips also make it much easier to hang Christmas lights in specific patterns, as they give you better control over where the strings hang.

    Hanging Christmas lights should be a fun part of the holiday season. We hope these tips will allow you to enjoy the activity without having to worry about harm to your roof or yourself!

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