Understanding Roof Shapes and Pitch From Divided Sky Roofing in San Marcos

Understanding Roof Shapes and Pitch

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    There are many parts of a house that a homeowner needs to understand to properly care for it. While it may seem that all homes are the same, there are significant differences in how to care for a home based on the composition of style, age and materials of a home.

    Caring For The Most Important Areas of a Home

    Of all the areas of greatest concern in a home, the structure and mechanical systems should be a homeowner’s biggest priority. These systems are the life of the home. While it is good to make sure a home is well kept aesthetically, the basic structure and mechanicals are the most vital parts of the home’s integrity. Proper care of these systems is what gives a home longevity.

    Each area of the structure and mechanicals of a home serves a different purpose and is part of the greater whole of the house that needs caring for. One of the most important areas homeowners need to attend to is their Kyle roof. Proper roofing in Buda Tx is the front-line protection against the outside elements that can cause damage to a home. Caring for it properly is vital to protecting all other mechanical and structural aspects.

    The Importance of Understanding Roof Pitch and Maintenance

    While it may seem that all roofs are the same, this could not be farther from the truth. In fact, the shape, materials and age of a roof all have a significant impact on how well a Kyle roof functions. In a ranch style home, many roof systems have a single low gradient pitch roofline, Bungalows and cottages may have this issue as well. When they feature roofs with a lower gradient it can allow for potential problems. Colonials, Raised Ranches, Split Levels, Contemporary and Cape Style homes usually have a steeper roof pitch however, there are exceptions here as well.

    Gradient is important on a roof since roofs that have a good natural gradient decline offer the best run off for water, debris and leaves. Roofs that have less of a slope often can have more problems with water damage, debris build up, moss growth and leaves. Over time this kind of low gradient slope can cause a roof to age quicker than those that have a more distinct pitch.

    This can be difficult for some homeowners because the pitch of a roof is an integral part of the home’s base construction. To help remedy a low gradient, homeowners can choose different roofing materials that will help ensure there are less difficulties with water run-off, debris build up, moss growth and leaves. Regular maintenance and removal of debris with these roofs is recommended.

    Roofing Materials That Help Ensure Better Maintenance

    While some typical asphalt shingles tend to not provide as much run off ability as other materials, new shingles can provide some help with more advanced coatings on them. Other roofing materials such as slate, metal, clay and rolled roofing can encourage a much better water and debris run off. Additionally, these materials will help discourage moss growth which can cause uplift and seepage into a home.

    When roof tiles buckle from inclement weather or moss growth, it can be risky if it is left unattended. This is because it allows for outside elements to permeate into the sub roof structure. If this occurs, damage to the sub roofing and attic area can occur. Regular maintenance of low-pitched roofs and replacing old roofing materials with better run off encouraging materials when in need are the best ways to ensure the roof and home stays protected.

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