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Homes with Shingle Roofs after roof repair in San Marcos TX

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    Whether you have a home that needs a roof replaced, or are in the process of finishing a newly constructed building, choosing a roof material is important. The type of roofing material you choose can affect the longevity of the roof, and the building’s interior experience.

    Shingle Roof

    Shingles are useful for a few different reasons. One, is that in the case of light repairs, shingles are designed with simple replacement in mind. You can replace one or two missing shingles with ease if they are damaged from hail, but a metal roof, while less likely to take on damage, is a lot more expensive to repair in the event something does actually damage it. If there is serious damage, large metal sheets will have be cut out, and replaced. Another advantage to shingles is that there are a lot of different types of roof shingles, so depending on your local flavor of inclement weather (high winds, hail storms, lightning storms, etc.), you can pick something that will work for your area.

    Metal Roof

    While a lot of homeowners prefer asphalt shingle roofs, there are plenty of architects and builders that prefer metal roofs when possible. This is because many architectural styles go best with shingle roofing, especially classic designs. In addition, metal roofs will often last a long time. Some have projected lifespans of fifty years or more (if properly maintained). Installing shingle roofs with a similar lifespan often ends up being more costly than a metal roof, which is another reason they are popular. Finally, metal roofs generally have better energy saving ratings than others. Some asphalt roofs can also be modified to reach higher levels of energy efficiency.

    The Architecture of Your Home

    Another thing to keep in mind is, as mentioned above, is that there are a lot of great architectural styles that will go best with shingle roofs. In the same vein, there are considerably more design choices for someone who is going with an asphalt roof, with different design styles and materials and colors for whatever taste you have.

    American Colonial

    This style makes use of a lot of wood, and roofs that have multiple slopes. These types of houses also generally include design fixtures next to windows, and in some cases large wrap-around porches. This type of design can use asphalt shingles that have been styled as cedar cuts to accentuate the wood already used, or a color that complements an all wood home.

    Tudor Homes

    Tudor homes also make use of wood, but generally also have pining around the outside. These houses have slow sloping roofs, with 2nd or 3rd story windows that jut out of these slopes. They also have plenty of large windows, and normally viewing bay windows along the bottom. These older style homes are great for shingle roofs, as metal would look jarring in comparison.

    San Marcos TX Roofing

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