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    Upkeep on your home may seem like a never-ending job. It can often feel like something always needs fixing or replacing immediately. Don’t wait until you’re scraping paint or replacing rotted wood to realize how vital the right rain gutters can be to the value and ease of care for your most significant investment. Rain gutters help protect your roof, your home, your foundation, and more from water damage and mold. When it comes time for you to replace your home’s rain gutters, here are a few things you will want to consider.

    Your Neighborhood May Have Rules About Gutters

    There could be Municipality or HOA requirements when it comes to rain gutters. If your area is deed-restricted or listed as a historic area, there may be things you need to know before making your choice. Some neighborhoods may even restrict particular colors. You will need to make sure that you are aware of any limitations that may influence your choices in rain gutters ahead of time. You will also want to keep curb-appeal in mind as you make decisions.

    The professionals who install these systems have the experience that few others have. They will also have an understanding of how large your gutters need to be to accommodate the rainfall expectations in your area. They will likely be happy to give you advice or opinions that you can trust.

    Vinyl Gutters

    Since many newer homes have vinyl siding, this has become a popular choice.

    • Positives—Vinyl gutters do not have problems with rust or corrosion, the sections piece together readily, and vinyl is one of the least expensive choices available.
    • Negatives—If not installed correctly, they will sag. With age or in harsh winter climates, vinyl will become fragile and possibly crack.

    Aluminum Gutters

    These gutters are inexpensive, light-weight, and easily installed.

    • Positives—Aluminum gutters hold up well even in the harshest winter climates. They resist corrosion and rust, and the paint holds up well. Because of this, they have a low maintenance level. They can come either with seams or without. They come in many colors with a baked-on finish, and can easily match your home’s aesthetic.
    • Negatives—These gutters can easily bend because of fallen branches, ladders, or baseballs. Secondary aluminum, which is the least expensive, is made from recycled material. Primary aluminum costs a little more, but it is more durable.

    Steel And Copper Gutters

    Steel gutters also come in varying strengths. Galvanized Steel gutters are the most popular.

    • Positives—Copper gutters are durable and can increase the value of your home. They are constructed without joints. They are soldered, preventing seams and maintaining a better water flow through your drains. Galvanized Steel gutters are much more durable than aluminum.
    • Negatives—Copper gutters may be the most expensive choice. Galvanized Steel will rust over time. With careful maintenance, however, they will last for quite a while.

    Gutters really are a necessity, but thankfully you have a range of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something that will work well within a budget, something that will be easy to maintain, or something that will last for decades to come, you’re sure to find an option that works best for you.

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