Make Sure Your Commercial Roof is Ready for Winter Tips from Our San Marcos TX Roofing Company and Contractors

A flat commercial roof against a winter sky, maintained by our San Marcos TX roofing company and contractors

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    Winter will be upon us soon. That means freezing temperatures and winter weather will be here along with the changing seasons. If you own or maintain a commercial building, you can save a lot of money with some preventative maintenance on your roof before the season. Winter can have drastic temperature changes from day to day in Central Texas, and these temperature changes will cause your roof to expand and contract. The expansions and contractions can form weaknesses in your roof, but if you find these weaknesses before they become a problem, you can save a lot of money. Here are some things you can do to be prepared for winter.

    Know the History of Your Roof

    It is critical to know the maintenance history of your roof and the age of the roof. This will allow your roofing contractor to properly assess the condition of your roof and make the proper recommendations.

    Schedule an Inspection

    It is equally important to have your roof inspected before the first freeze of the season. This inspection should be performed by a licensed and authorized roofing contractor to ensure that you do not void the warranty on your roof. During the inspection, the contractor will carefully observe traffic patterns on the roof, draining systems, base attachments, and flashings. They will also look for any possibilities of contaminants, infiltrated moisture, faulty membrane seems, and any unauthorized or improper repairs or additions made to the roof.

    How Can a Roof Inspection Help Prepare for Winter?

    A roof inspection checklist is vital in preparing for winter. Identifying issues like loose shingles, gutter clogs, or inadequate insulation can prevent costly repairs later. Checking for leaks and ensuring proper drainage will keep your home safe and warm during the colder months.

    Perform Recommended Repairs

    After the inspection, the contractor will recommend any improvements or repairs they see fit. It is imperative to take the recommendations and allow the contractor to perform the repairs. Your roof has the most exposure to the elements of any part of your building. If there are cracks, leaks, clogged drains or gutters present that are left unfixed, the problem will only get worse and more expensive over time.

    Maintain Clear and Clean Roof Surfaces and Gutters

    The roofing contractor should make sure the surface of your roof along with the drains and gutters are free of debris. If this is neglected, it can lead to drainage issues and water build up that can lead to major problems over time.

    Evaluate Your Roof’s Surroundings

    After you make sure your roof is in good working order, it is a good idea to eliminate any hazards that could potentially cause problems for your roof. Look for any overhanging branches or limbs. They can break under the weight of snow or harsh winds and become an expensive, preventable problem. If they exist, have them cut back so that nothing can directly fall on your roof. If your area gets a lot of snow in the winter, you should also have a dependable snow removal plan in place. The weight of the snow can put a lot of strain on your roof if left sitting there.

    Now Your Roof is Ready for Winter

    You’ve made a huge investment in your commercial building, and you want to save on maintenance costs where you can. Preventative maintenance will always save you money in the long run. With a little planning, you can reduce your risk of a major repair event on your roof in the winter by following these steps.

    Find a Roofing Company and Contractors in San Marcos TX

    If you own a commercial building in Central Texas, then you know how drastically temperatures can change within a single day in the fall months. This can take a toll on your building’s roof over time, so it’s never a bad idea to have a professional inspect the roof for any signs of damage or weakness. Contact Divided Sky, a roofing company with contractors in San Marcos TX, for a free roof inspection before the freezing temperatures set in.

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