Metal Roofs VS Shingle Roofs

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    There are many types of roofs available today, for both homes and businesses. But even with all of the new options and types of materials available, two types of roofs tend to be used more often than other options.

    The Type of Roof Construction

    Metal and shingle roofs are the most commonly used, each with its own benefits and differences. There are a lot of different kinds of shingle roofs, and each of them can be made using different shapes. Whether it is made with steep angles that meet in the middle, roofs that don’t meet in the middle but are tilted on the side, flat roofs that have walls going past the center roof/drainage in the middle, and a lot of other options. And some of those types serve one category of roof material better than the other, some industries are served better by one, and of course design aesthetic is commonly factored into the decision alongside a whole other host of reasons.

    The Cost of a Shingle vs Metal Roof

    When it comes to price, shingle roofs tend to be a lot cheaper than metal roofs. While the most affordable metal options can start between 150 and 200 dollars per 100 square feet(corrugated steel), most options run between $3-500 all the way up to $7-900 for 100 square feet, depending on the chosen metal. Copper and zinc are going to be the most expensive options, while steel generally will be more in the middle of the price pool.

    There are quite a few steel options however, including stone-coated steel and steel shingles, as well as corrugated steel. The initial construction cost is also higher, but a metal roof is likely to last up to 50 years before it needs to be replaced. So what this ultimately means is that prospective buyers will need to weigh the benefits, and decide exactly how long they are likely to live in their home.

    Your Roof Can Help Save Energy

    In addition, during the period you are using a metal roof, you can also expect some serious energy savings depending on the type of metal roof you select. Some of the modern metal options have been made to release energy absorbed from the outside during the hottest times of the year, and hold in heat from the inside during the cooler temperatures. This has been shown to lead to 30-40% energy cost reduction.

    But one other thing to keep in mind is that if you do not have a professional install your metal roof, you may experience some serious sound issues. This is something that often can end up putting people off of metal roofs. We’ve all been to a barn or an outside area and heard the rain pouring down, and loudly at that. These were likely tin roofs that didn’t have any soundproofing, but metal roofs will still sound different in the rain than shingle roofs. This is something to keep in mind when choosing your roof material.

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