Signs You Should Replace Your Home’s Siding Advice from your San Marcos TX Roofers

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    The first impression of a home is determined by how the roof, the windows and the siding look. The siding, however, provides protection, and it is the most prominent part of the outside of your home. It is the first thing people will notice, and it determines how aesthetically pleasing your home can look from the outside. But, like most things, siding at one point or another need to be replaced.

    About Siding for your Home

    Siding is the material that protects the house or building from the elements. It consists of small panel-sized pieces of weather-resistant material, and it is small compared to the walls to be covered. This allows for contraction and expansion of the materials due to temperature changes and moisture.

    Siding is attached to the exterior of a home or building. There are very few repairs or home improvements that can enhance a home’s curb appeal, value and performance like siding. There many siding options available to choose from. Below are four of the most common types of siding:

    • Wood Siding—This type of siding is attractive, and it is among the oldest siding options. It is great for historic homes. Some common wood siding options include panels, shingles and wood planks.
    • Aluminum Siding—This type of siding is affordable, low maintenance, and very popular for new homes.
    • Vinyl Siding—This type of siding is also low maintenance, affordable and easy to install.
    • Cement Fiber Siding—This type of siding is recyclable, durable, low maintenance, and the most recent development in siding.

    Now that you know some of the types of siding available, let us take a look at some of the signs that your siding needs replacement.

    Signs Your Siding Needs Replacement

    Frequent Need to Paint and Peeling

    Painting your home every other year could be a sign that your paint is not adhering to the wall inside your home because of leaking water. Cracks, chips and peeling are signs that your siding is damaged and need to be replaced. Siding usually keeps its shape and color for eight years or more.

    Cracked, Broken Siding and Holes

    Cracks, broken siding and holes or gaps can mean that moisture is leaking into your home along with insects and critters. These deficiencies can lead to further damage and compromise your home’s structural integrity.

    Rotting or Warped Siding

    Warped or rotting siding is not attractive, and it means your siding performance is lacking and need to be replaced. The rot can be seen easily with a simple inspection. Siding usually becomes warped over time due to rotting layers or from extreme weather.

    Mold, Mildew or Fungus

    If your siding is damaged and moisture seeps in, it will leave your home exposed to fungus, mildew and mold. If the siding does not protect your home, you will need to hire a professional installer to replace the siding and a professional to remove the mold.

    Blistered or Bubbling

    Exposure to extreme heat or moisture can cause blistering and bubbling. Siding will bubble if water becomes trapped under or in the siding. Fortunately, you can replace the damaged areas with new planks or panels. However, if the damaged area is large, then you will have to replace the siding for the whole house.

    Fading Colors

    All siding materials have life spans, which varies from material to material. The first indication that siding has ended its life span is fading colors, which mean it is time for a replacement.

    Power Bills Increase

    Damaged siding can be a reason for an increase in your power bill. When the performance of your siding is low, there is a chance that warm air and cold air is seeping out. If your insulation is low-grade, then you will notice an increase in your cooling and heating bill.

    If you’re looking for house siding installation, consider contacting Divided Sky, your roofing company in San Marcos TX.

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