Types of Exterior Paint for Your Home From an Exterior Painting Company in San Marcos TX

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Types of Exterior Paint for Your Home, San Marcos TX Painting Company

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    Whether you have just finished a repair or you simply are ready for a change, painting the outside of your home gives you the opportunity to freshen your home. Because it is the very first impression people have of your home, you want to be sure that the type of paint you are choosing is the right choice. Not to mention, different parts of your home exterior require different types of paint. While picking the right color might seem like the most important aspect, there are many things you should keep in mind when paint shopping.


    Different parts of the exterior of your home are made up of different materials, and you should be choosing your paint based on the material you are applying it to. Your vinyl siding, for instance, will best be painted with exterior paint specifically made for vinyl to ensure the cleanest longest lasting coat. You will also want to look up “vinyl safe” colors. These are colors that absorb less heat which helps protect your siding from the harsh sun allowing it to withstand heat damage over time.

    Tip: Remember to clean your siding before painting over it. This will help get rid of bacteria that might be accumulating on your home, and it will also allow for maximum adhesion when you paint. Cleaning your siding is easily done with a power washer on the appropriate setting.


    Maybe you don’t have vinyl siding, but instead you have stone, cement, or shingling for your siding. The paint you are likely to use in these cases will be a latex based paint. Beyond just washing this siding as well, it will also require a bonding primer prior to painting as these materials do not naturally hold onto paint well.


    To be clear, painting your roof should not be used as a method to repair leaks. You will want to have any needed repairs done prior to painting in order to maintain a high quality of the paint job as well as the integrity of the structure as a whole. Because your roof has the most contact with outside elements, you will want to have a mildew and algae proof paint, and again, you will want to thoroughly wash your roof prior to painting it. You will most likely want to find a latex-acrylic blend for this job. Consult your San Marcos roofer for more information on painting your roof.


    Sometimes, just touching up the gutters with some paint can do wonders for the aesthetics of your home’s exterior. If you have tin gutters, you will want to use an oil based paint for this. For aluminum gutters, be sure that you do not use any primer with ammonia in it as it will not bond properly and will cause your paint job to have a bubbly, uneven look.

    Maintain your now beautifully, freshly painted house by washing off dirt and grime regularly with a hose a few times a year. These things get harder and harder to wash over time, requiring more intense pressurized equipment, so washing it off with a garden hose every few months can save you a lot of time and money as well help you avoid damage to your home.

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