Types of Window Glass: Insight from Your Experts on New Window Replacement in Kyle TX

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Panes of glass for new windows in Kyle TX

Glass windows can help protect the home from the elements outside. These windows can also help keep hot or cool air in or out of out your house depending on the season. There are different types of glass windows and ways to care for these windows. If you are looking to have glass windows installed in your home then you should contact a professional glass installation company for assistance.

Thick Glass Less Noise

If you have double pained or thicker glass windows installed in your home or office you will be able to reduce noise pollution that enters your home. The windows will be able to keep the noise outside from being heard inside the home. While some noise will be able to get in the thicker the window the less noise.

Thicker and Green

It seems that glass that thinks has a hint of a green touch to it. This is due to the minerals that make up the glass. The minerals are present which makes the glass look slightly green. To get a clear yet thick piece of glass the glass manufacturers need to add specific minerals to allow the glass to clear.
Common Glass Types Found in the Home

Float Glass

This is the glass that has been turned into flat panels. The glass is put into a mold and is made to be smooth. This class can then be set and treated before being put into a frame. The class does not have color and it is the most basic form of glass that is used in the home.

Safety Laminated Glass

This type of glass is created when two class panels are fused with a piece of PVB in the middle. This will allow the panel to become super strong. This glass is often used in the windshield of the car and some people have had it installed in their home. If something were to hit the glass from outside it will not spray shards inside the home and may even be able to withstand the impact.

Obscured Glass

This glass will allow the light from the sun to enter the home but it not easy to see through. The glass is often frosted or etched with a fancy design. This glass is often used in the windows in the bathroom since it offers more privacy will still allowing natural light in.

Tinted Glass

This glass has coloring added to it. It can be used to protect the home from the UV rays of the sun or it can be used for decorative purposes.

Insulated Glass

This glass can help with heating and cooling. It is energy efficient and will be able to keep the temperature inside the home comfortable.

This is some common information about glass that can be applied to the home. If a person is looking to have new glass installed or in need of a repair they should call a professional glass installation company to handle the job professionally.

More Insight from Your Experts on New Window Replacement in Kyle TX

Interested in learning more about window glass options? We’d recommend starting with our infographic guide to windows. You may also be interested to read our recommendations on the best glass for residential windows. If you have any questions or need consulting for your next window project, don’t hesitate to contact the Kyle window installation experts at Divided Sky, your Kyle roofing company.

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