Common Types of Asphalt Shingle Damage to Watch Out for From your roofing damage repair service in Manchaca TX

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    It feels nice having a roof over your head, especially during harsh weather. However, long-term exposure to nature like rain, snow, sun, and ice will damage even the best roof over time. If left alone, this damage may lead to severe issues like water leaking inside the house. You should have your roof inspected regularly by a professional, at least twice annually. If notice any damage after a storm, contact a roof service expert immediately.

    Having your roof’s shingles repaired can be a financial setback, but leaving the damage unattended can lead to more severe problems with the entire house if not repaired. In the case of asphalt shingle roofs, some of the most common causes of damage include hail, scorching sun rays, and snow. Each of these stressors can cause different types of damage to asphalt shingles, with different signs to look out for. Below are some of the most common types of asphalt shingle damage and how you can best address them.

    Hail Damage

    Hail bruising is one of the most destructive types of roof shingle damage, and it can be very hard to spot. Some common signs of hail damage include:

    • Missing or broken roof shingles
    • Missing granules
    • Circular cracks
    • Dirt such as tree twigs and branches
    • Minor and shallow dents at vulnerable sections of the roof

    When hail hits your roof’s shingles, the damage can make your roof vulnerable to leaks. If any shingles break or fall off, hail or wind and rain can soak below and cause water damage to the internal structure below the roof.

    Flaking and Granule Loss

    This type of damage occurs when your roof’s top material layer wears out. The deteriorating top layer leads to various issues such as:

    • Shingle discoloration
    • Loss of the fire-retardant finish
    • Exposure of the shingles’ asphalt and matting

    The most common cause of flaking is the roof’s age, but it can appear prematurely if the roof overheats frequently. To prevent further damage, have a professional roof service replace the roof before the flaking or granule loss becomes severe.

    Water Damage

    Roof water damage occurs after hail or heavy rains, causing leaks. Signs of water damage are:

    • Loose or missing shingles
    • Cracks in the shingles’ surface
    • Stained walls or ceiling
    • Roof leaks

    Water damage to your roof causes rot, moss, mildew, and decay. The moisture from roof leaks exposes your house to mold infestations. Pests can also take advantage of the wakened roof shingles and the entire house.

    Shingle Cracking

    Cracking in asphalt shingles occurs due to several reasons:

    • Temperature changes
    • High winds that cause roof shingles to move
    • Drying mat causes cracks; it shrinks when drying out

    When roof shingles crack, they let moisture inside your house. To prevent this, have an expert roof service inspect your roof shingles regularly and replace them if they notice any cracks.

    Shingle Blazing

    Asphalt shingle blazing is a result of excessive heat on your roof. It can occur even in the early years of the roof if the overheating is severe enough. The most common cause of this overheating is improper attic ventilation. To prevent this, ensure the roof is well ventilated.

    Shingle blazing typically cannot be repaired once it starts occurring, meaning you will need a new roof for your home. The other common cause of blazing is installing new shingles above a wet surface. Evade this by making sure a professional roof service installs your new roof the right way.

    Closing Thoughts

    Most types of asphalt shingle damage are preventable. No matter how easy it may sound to spot and repair roof shingle damage, it is not a DIY project. The best way to do it is by hiring a reliable roofing company to inspect and check your roof’s health.

    If you’ve experienced storm damage or have a wind damaged roof in around Manchaca & Circle C Texas, consider contacting Divided Sky Roofing today!

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