Understanding The 3 Main Types of Roof Warranties Roof Storm Damage In Wimberley TX

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    Finding ways to best save on future home expenses and protecting your investments is one of the smartest choices for any homeowner. Every home at one point will need renovation, and your roof is one improvement that requires heavy decisions. One decision that comes with roofing installations is the warranties. You want your home and your investment protected. Therefore, a warranty is a coverage option that helps. But there are different roofing warranties out there, and not all of them offer the same amount of coverage. It is essential that you understand the differences between them to make the best final decision when it comes to the roof storm damage your home in Wimberley, Tx has.

    The Three Types of Roof Warranties

    When you first look into warranties, you may feel overwhelmed, as there are multiple options to choose from that offer a variety of coverage choices. However, when looking at the warranties as an overview, it boils down to three different types.

    There is the Standard Manufacturer’s Warranty that covers the products used by your contractors. For example, it would cover specific shingles or materials that your roof requires. The second warranty is called a Workmanship Warranty that covers the entire installation and is issued from the contractor. The third warranty is called the Extended Manufacturer’s Warranty, which covers the products as well as the workmanship of the contractor.

    By understanding the differences between the coverage options, you will have more insights about a given warranty, the materials you choose for the roof, and which contractor you choose to install it. Take a closer look at the three different options to get a better idea of each warranty coverage.

    Standard ManufactureR’s Warranty

    As mentioned previously, the Standard Manufacturer’s Warranty is the most basic warranty you can find. Hence the reason it’s called standard. It usually covers the products chosen for the roof installation as a lifetime basic warranty. This means that the products are covered as long as your home is owned by you.

    However, there are levels of limited options within this Standard Manufacturer’s Warranty, which all is determined based on the manufacturer. For example, most of the warranties for manufacturers will cover defective products, but not the installation of the replacement product. Manufacturers can also offer options that cover the products for a specific timeframe while also covering replacement options if the materials were defective initially. This type of warranty will then will give you options to have additional coverage for a specific timeframe after the replacement is installed.

    Sometimes you may see labor costs if the materials are covered from the initial part of the warranty, but the warranty doesn’t cover defects or tear-offs. Your warranty will be prorated from the initial installation, and if the timeframe goes beyond and there are defective materials, the warranty may cover the replacements at a lower cost.

    Contractor’s Workmanship Warranty

    Contractors will offer different warranties for their workmanship. The workmanship warranties are there to protect you from careless mistakes or lazy work that lead to an insufficient roof that requires a new replacement. This warranty is solid and covers everything to do with the installation aspects of the roof, and most contractors will abide by the warranty for up to 25 years.

    This warranty is great as long as the contractors maintain the paper with the warranty information. Therefore, before choosing a contractor, make sure that they are known for professional roof installations and have fantastic customer service. You may see some contractors put in their Contractor’s Workmanship Warranty exclusions such as water damage from ice dams, storms, high winds, impact damage, leaks, or even foot traffic damages. It’s important to try and avoid warranties that exclude things like this when you’re looking for a contractor to repair roof wind damage your home in Wimberley has sustained. If the contractor has an impressive record of doing decent and professional work, then the Wimberley roof repair warranty they offer is valuable and reliable.

    Extended Manufacturer’s Warranty

    The Extended Manufacturer’s Warranty coverage is usually installed and covered by authorized contractors. The contractor has to be certified to install the roof according to the manufacturer’s details. Manufacturers know that some contractors in the roofing market in Wimberley, Tx don’t adhere to policy guidelines for specific materials.

    Therefore, they want homeowners to have an option that covers everything. Extended Manufacturer’s Warranties will be more expensive, but they cover more of the components that the other warranties do not. For example, they cover all the components of the roofing installation and system. The warranty can last up to 50 years, cover defective materials, and cover the workmanship of the contractor.

    Choosing The Right Warranty

    Overall, the three basic warranties available for roofing installations are the Standard Manufacturer’s Warranty, the Contractor’s Workmanship Warranty, and the Extended Manufacturers Warranty. Each of these warranties offers different coverage options.

    Therefore, make sure you choose the correct warranty to cover your installation contractor and, most of all, your home. Making the right choice will save you a lot of stress and costs in the future. If you are still uncertain on what type of warranty would be the best fit for you, then the best way to get more information is to speak with roofers in Wimberley who have a solid reputation and fantastic customer service such as Divided Sky Roofing & Solar.

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