How Strong Winds Can Damage Your Roof and What to Do From Your San Marcos Roofing Company

Storm Damage
Roof Damage from Wind & Storm

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    Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home as it keeps you and the people living inside safe from outside factors and harm. Because your roof is so important to the structural integrity of your home, it is important to be aware of when your roof is damaged and what is causing it. Just like your roof can be damaged by aggressively heavy rain, hail, or even exposure over time, wind can do a lot of damage to your roof. Be aware of potential wind damage, and always take action when you notice these issues pop up.

    How Does WinD Damage My Roof?

    Wind can blow in any direction at any given moment, constantly changing direction and force. And while your roof is meant to withstand nature, over time certain aspects of it can be weakened, allowing wind to do a lot of damage. When wind starts catching underneath the shingles, it will begin to peel them back taking others with it. This starts a domino effect of your shingles. This is likely to start near or on the edge of your roof, and it’s important to be aware of it so you can catch it early, before multiple shingles get peeled back from wind.

    What Other Problems Can Wind Cause?

    Aside from the wind itself doing damage to your roof, what can come with the wind is what you really have to be worried about. High winds can carry a lot of debris that can be super damaging to your roof on impact. Tree branches are a big concern in massive wind storms. Really strong winds can uproot mature trees, but more often the wind will cause branches to break off, potentially seriously damaging your roof.

    What’s the Rush on Fixing My Roof?

    If your roof has external damage and it goes unfixed, eventually (possibly soon) you are going to start experiencing the consequences. Your shingles work together to keep water out of your house, so when a couple of shingles are missing, cracked, or worn, the whole area becomes vulnerable. If water gets into your house, your opening your home up to bacteria, mold, water, and/or water damage. These things can fester into even bigger issues. Don’t let a few bad shingles cause massive problems for your house and family.

    How Do I Know If My Roof Has Been Damaged?

    There are a couple of clues that can help you decide if your roof is damaged. If you notice water coming from your ceiling or if you notice water marks or paint bubbling, you might have a roof leak. You can also inspect the outside for damage as well. If you have missing, cracked, warped, or bent shingles, you definitely want to have those replaced professionally. On the “hire a professional note”, if you have no experience climbing an extension ladder or navigating a roof, you should definitely have a professional inspect it. Many roofing companies, like us at Divided Sky Roofing, offer free inspections so that you don’t unnecessarily injury yourself by climbing on your potentially damaged roof. A bad roof is bad enough, there is no need to add a broken leg to the mix!

    If you think you might have a damaged roof, the faster you take care of it the better. Beyond avoiding bigger issues with leeks and mold, your insurance might cover the damage, but it will only cover it for a little while. Because there is a typically short statute of limitations on roof damage, you definitely want to get that claim turned in quickly. Either way, get your roof back in perfect working order so that your home can remain a happy and safe place to live!

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