Roof Color—Should You Go Light or Dark? South Austin Roofing Services

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    If you own your home, eventually you will need to replace the roof. That is just the nature of home ownership. The decision is an important one, because your roof should last between twenty and fifty years. It is definitely not a home improvement that comes around often. After you have chosen your material—whether you pick traditional shingles, tile, or a metal roof—your next consideration likely will be the color. Our Manchaca roofers can help you weigh the pros and cons of different roof colors and material choices.

    What material should you choose?

    All of the available materials have benefits. A metal roof is the fastest and possibly easiest to install and could well outlast shingles. Asphalt shingles are usually less expensive than a metal or tile roof and tile could last half a century if they are maintained properly. For any of these, you will need to know about the availability of installers. If you are working with a general contractor, you should ask about each of these to get the best assessment for your area. Cost will be the biggest factor for most people, but whatever material you decide on for your roof, color is the next thing to pick. Our roofing company in Manchaca can help you make that decision.

    Should you go light or dark?

    Depending on the scale of your renovation, you might be replacing the siding or repainting the walls and trim. This will give you the most options to make your roof the perfect accent, or let it blend seamlessly with the color scheme.

    Some people prefer the roof to make a contrast against their home. This option makes the most sense with a lighter color paint or siding. Others prefer a roof that more closely matches the color of the house. Other things to consider are the area around your home—consider the home’s environment and how a given color will look against the background. Maybe your home has shutters or window and door trim that you would like to match with the roof.

    Even in the area of color, cost is a consideration. On one end of the spectrum, the most popular colors might be priced higher due to popularity and increased demand. Similarly, more obscure colors might be priced higher due to a lack of availability. At any given time, you might find the material and color you are looking for priced to sell just to make room for new inventory.

    So what is the verdict?

    There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a new roof for your home. Price, aesthetic, installation and even climate make the decision complex but not impossible. You should decide what brings your house closer to something you can call your dream home. That may mean a pink metal roof, blue shingles, forest green tile, or one of a thousand other combinations. There are no right or wrong answers, outside of what makes you—the homeowner—happiest with your home.

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