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    Miniature houses with different roof colors

    Roof Color—Should You Go Light or Dark?

    If you own your home, eventually you will need to replace the roof. That is just the nature of home ownership. The decision is an important one, because your roof…
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    Roofer installing shingles on top of roof underlayment

    The Ins and Outs of Roof Underlayment

    Roofing underlayment refers to the material that lies underneath the shingles on a roof. The term also refers to the process of laying this material. Underneath the roof underlayment is…
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    Illustration of the components of a residential roofing system

    The Components of a Residential Roofing System

    A residential roofing system is crucial not only for the appearance of your home, but also for the comfort and protection of all your living spaces. Finding the best components…
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    Suburban home with New Braunfels solar power roof

    What Does a Sustainable Roof Mean?

    Giving a precise definition of a sustainable roof can be difficult since “sustainable” can mean different things to different people. When individuals talk about “sustainability,” what they generally think is…
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    Home with a green roof

    6 Eco-Friendly Roofing Solutions to Check Out

    With an eco-friendly lifestyle becoming popular, most people take up the lead by recycling plastic, reducing their water consumption, and limiting electric energy use. However, most people don’t know that…
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    Vinyl Siding on House

    Types of Siding

    Siding enhances property value and is the first thing that potential buyers see from the curb. With a range of options in the market, from wood to brick to vinyl,…
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    Solar panels on roof installed by a San Marcos TX roofing company

    How to Save Energy with Your Roof

    One of the expenses that many homeowners fail to consider when looking at the cost of homeownership is energy. Depending on where you live, the size of your home, and…
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    A clock on top of 4 types of roof materials

    How long Does a Roof Last?

    When you become a homeowner, you want to make sure that every part of your home stays intact throughout your lifetime. To that end, you will need to perform regular…
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    Interior house with skylight

    Pros and Cons of Skylights

    Have you ever been in your home on a beautiful day and ever wish you could look up and see the blue of the sky and the green of the…
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    Damaged Siding on House

    How to Protect Siding From Water Damage

    Siding is also known as wall cladding, is designed to protect a house or building from being damaged by external factors such as rain, snow, heat, cold, and the sun.…
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    Wooden Rafters installed by a San Marcos roofer

    Rafters Vs Truffs

    Many people think that trusses are now preferable to rafters, but this isn’t necessarily true. It really depends on the type of project. Rafters are useful if you want to…
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    Local roofing

    5 Innovative Roofing Products for 2020

    The roofing market is overflowing with options. Whether you’re searching for a specific aesthetic, cost-range, or durability, chances are, in 2020, there’s a roofing product to fit your needs. From…
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    Wood frame of building revealing the architecture of the roof and gutters in San Marcos

    Your Guide to Roof Architecture

    Your home structure is made up of many different components working together to create a safe and stable place to live. One of the most important aspects of the structure…
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    3-Tab Shingles, the most common roofing materials in Buda

    What are 3 Tab Shingles?

    When it comes to installing your roof, you have a lot of options in terms of materials. There are several types of asphalt, metal, tile, and other popular roofing options.…
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