Pros and Cons of Floor to Ceiling Windows: Insight from Your San Marcos TX Window Replacement Experts

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Floor to Ceiling Windows installed by a San Marcos TX Window Replacement crew

Whether building a new home from the ground up, or remodeling an existing home, the windows are an important feature. In the modern homes of today, the popular trend is toward ceiling to floor windows. This trend is seen in new housing developments throughout the country especially in areas with dynamic views of lakes, beaches, and mountains. These windows add a touch to houses that regular windows can not match. A ceiling to floor window allows additional light into a room, and can be a form for extra heat during cold weather because they are insulated.

Energy Efficient

Floor to ceiling windows can be very energy efficient. The insulation provides a barrier for the outside elements during the different seasons. Homeowners can save on utility bills with the energy efficient long windows. Regular windows act as a border wall only allowing a limited amount of view space. The ceiling to floor windows are the entire wall. They are like having the beauty of the outside right indoors. You get a full size view of nature with this separation between the exterior and interior worlds. The ceiling to floor windows will make small spaces seem much larger than they actually are.

Pros & Cons of ceiling to floor windows

  • Ceiling to floor windows will increase the value of a home which is great for your investment. Additions like sliding doors within the windows will also improve the value rate of the home.
  • The cost of having ceiling to floor windows will vary depending on the materials used. This could range from cheap to expensive. The more energy efficient the windows are, the more they will cost. The most affordable types of windows are made from fiberglass or vinyl. The more unique the design, the more expensive it will cost. The shape of the windows also has a huge impact on the cost of installation.
  • One of the main disadvantages of having ceiling to floor windows is that they may not allow for personal privacy. They may also let in too much light with a lot of glare which would be very uncomfortable for some people. This problem can easily be solved by using blinds or curtains.
  • With large exposed windows, the concern for safety may become an issue. You will have to invest in window protection which means increasing the alarm system or other security system in the home. Installing window protectors to prevent breakage or cracking is the best solution for this problem. Having this done during the installation of the windows will greatly add to the expense.

Types of Styles

Ceiling to floor windows can be designed in various styles. Choosing the one that will best benefit your wall is most important. They can be the long rectangular or square windows to be used as a wall, or they can be the windows with half circle frames. The geometric frame is a better alternative if the room is small, and this is one of the less expensive types for windows. The cathedral windows give a very dramatic atmosphere to large rooms. This Gothic style is better for homes with high ceilings.

More Insight from Your Window Repair and San Marcos TX Window Replacement Team

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