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A color-coordinated home interior with matching window frames

Nothing beats the feeling of enjoying a beautiful view with warm sunlight sparkling through from the comfort of your house. Your windows are among the top ways you can bring the outdoor view in and reconnect with your home’s exterior for security purposes.

Are you considering building a new house or embarking on a window remodeling project? Here are some of the factors to consider as you choose windows that complement your house.

The Architectural Design of Your House

Architectural designs make houses unique. Choosing the right windows that will match your architectural aesthetic should be the first factor to consider when choosing any window for your house. Whether you want a modern house with a floor-to-ceiling glass door or a traditional style with aluminum mullions, the architecture should always inform your window decisions.

For a contemporary house design, you can opt to go for bold colors that bring out a distinctive appearance. If you are more into a traditional style of design, choosing standard frame colors is ideal.


One of the most important functions of windows is ventilation and air conditioning. Determining your home’s window ventilation needs will come in handy as you search for the perfect window. While most houses have operable windows, meaning that you can open and close them whenever you wish, you can also go for fixed windows if you have large rooms where you would like to enjoy unobstructed views. Generally, most contemporary houses feature both fixed and operable windows.

The Interior

Although your windows’ appearance from the outside can complement your home, prioritize a window that appeals to your interior. That way, you can create an everlasting feeling and experience inside your house.

For the bathrooms, go for windows that will bring light in without providing a view angle from the outside. In public spaces like the living room, decide if the view will warrant large windows that bring in maximum light or, better still, if the room warrants different shaped and sized windows.

The Angle of the Sun

Make sure you have a look at how the sun rises and sets around your home. Depending on where your home is, you may have too much sunlight in the evening while watching your television or uninvited light in the morning in your bedroom. With this in mind, you will ensure that your house doesn’t heat or cool abnormally and avoid costly electricity bills.

Purpose of the Windows

Widows serve well to let in light, but they can also come in handy to function as doorways. Think about which rooms you want the windows to serve, whether you want to enjoy an unobstructed view, and whether you prefer a lighted darkroom to a pantry space or closet.

Window Frames

Choosing a paint color palette for your exterior can be a daunting task. Take a look at your window frame to get an idea of the window color present. You can decide to use a trim color for the house and use the same for the frames.

Make sure you look at your local paint store or home improvement center for already-chosen color palettes to save you a good amount of time when choosing colors.

Final Words

If you consider all of the factors mentioned above when choosing new windows, you can bid goodbye to poor lighting, ventilation, and an obstructed view of the outside. Don’t overlook the benefits that can come from replacing your home’s old windows!

If you’ve found the perfect new windows and need installation in Buda TX, contact Divided Sky to see how we can assist! 

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