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Home with French doors and grid windows at the entryway

The entryway is the first glance that your guests and even potential buyers have of your home. You want to make a good first impression, especially if you are trying to sell your home or if your guests are at your home for the first time. A great impression can come through your entryway windows, as seen in the ideas below.

1. Grid Windows

Grid windows can add a large amount of light into the front of your home as well as a peek into your home for guests. The high amounts of light can make your home feel larger than it is, and by having an ample amount of glass windows around the front door, your home seems more inviting than ever. Putting your windows in the design of a grid can also add a visually appealing feature to potential buyers.

2. Shutters

Shutters are perfect for your entryway windows if you are looking for something unique or something rustic and beachy. Shutters give a simplistic look that still offers a bit of class in a way that frames your door to bring light in. Plus, you can receive the perfect amount of privacy by closing and opening the shutters to the desire that you want. This will also let the perfect amount of light in your home that you desire.

3. Go High

If you have a home with an entryway that has chandelier ceilings and is particularly tall, consider emphasizing that height with vertical windows. Vertical windows can make your home seem even more extravagant and can bring in high amounts of light to your entryway to brighten the mood. These windows can become a piece of your architecture on their own as well as show off the design aesthetic of your home. Plus, you can add grids to these vertical windows to give the visual texture discussed above.

4. Stained Glass

If you are looking for something that is traditional and classic, consider installing a stained glass window for the entryway of your home. Stained glass windows can also give you a bit of privacy without sacrificing a large amount of light from entering your home. You can add a splash of color to the front of your home as well, offering something that is fun to your friends, family members and potential buyers when you are ready to sell.

5. Glass or French Doors

If you want a seamless look into the outside from the inside or vice versa, consider a French door or a glass door. You can even consider frosted glass on your door, whether it is French or completely glass, to give you a hint of privacy. This will allow for the most natural light to pour into your home and for individuals to feel welcome with open arms as soon as they arrive at the curb of your home.

Final Thoughts

A window can bring a certain design aesthetic to your entryway that can invite people in and make others feel welcome. Be sure to give your windows the treatment that you desire to match your own personal design aesthetic and to show off your home.

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