How to Tell If You Need New Windows

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Brand new windows in a home

With home repair projects being expensive and time-consuming, many people don’t put windows replacement in their priority list until necessary. But how do you tell when you need new windows? In this piece, you will get all the signs that show window replacement is necessary.

Drafty windows

The first thing you will notice is that you will have high energy bills of heating your home if you have a drafty window. Therefore, not replacing your windows to avoid the replacement costs might be a false economy in the long run. Replacing your windows makes them more energy efficient hence, you could end up saving more money. A draft occurs when your windows do not shut properly, mainly because the locking mechanism is no longer working. Additionally, if the locking mechanism is not working, it could pose a security risk too.

Leaky windows

If a double glazed window gets ruined, moisture will get inside the planes allowing condensation to build upon the inside. When this occurs, it could limit the amount of light stream your house gets. You can choose to wipe off the condensation, but it can be quite annoying when it occurs frequently, and the moisture might allow for the growth of mold inside the frame. This issue mainly occurs when the seals of your window are no longer working efficiently. The most cost-effective way to fix this is simply replacing your window as repairs on the seals might be expensive if they fail again.

Lack of double glazing on the windows

The main reason why your room is always cold during the winter, and incredibly hot during the summer is because you may have a single pane rather than a double-paned window. They are typically found in old property, and they make someone’s home uncomfortable because they are not sufficient and efficient as the modern double glazed windows. You have to replace your windows and upgrade to the modern ones if you want to make your home more comfortable.

Windows that do not soundproof your home

Modern windows are designed to significantly reduce sound transfer to your house, which improves your quality of life, especially if you live near a busy road. However, if you hear loud noises coming from outside when you are in the house, and your window is closed, this is probably an indicator that you need to replace your window. It shows that your window is quite old; therefore, it does not soundproof your home efficiently.

Worn out windows

A sign of rot on your window or your double glazing is failing is a clear indication that you need to replace your window. A wooden window frame is particularly tricky to keep in good condition, mainly because there is nothing logical to do to stop the wooden frame from rotting. The only efficient way to ensure your window works efficiently is replacing it when they start rotting. Moreover, if your double glazing fails, it makes water to start leaking inside, bringing about condensation. All these are signs that your window is worn out, and you need to replace them.

Replacing your windows is like an investment because it will boost your home value, and improve your home’s curb appeal. A replacement also increases the amount of light that your house is exposed to, and increases the soundproof efficiency, ensuring you live a peaceful life free from noise.

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