Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Rain Gutters After a repair or replacement in New Braunfels TX

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Garden herbs planted in repurposed rain gutters

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    A rain gutter is a part of your home that helps to drain water off of the roof to prevent flooding and leaks. Rain gutters can be used in your home in a variety of different manners though, many of which are very creative. If you’ve recently had your roof’s gutters replaced, don’t throw your old ones out just yet. Consider one of the options below for a way to repurpose them with some fun and useful DIY projects.

    1. Planters

    Old rain gutters make for the perfect planter, whether you want to create a windowsill planter or a planter for herbs. All you have to do is make holes for draining in the bottom, close off the ends, fill them with soil, and add the seeds!

    2. Storage

    Old rain gutters are also perfect for storage options. You can stand them upright to keep rakes, shovels, mop and other long tools in order. Lay them horizontally to organize spray paints, seeds, and other products that you need for outdoor projects in your backyard or shed.

    3. Toys

    Old rain gutters can also make perfect toys for your children or grandchildren. You can craft them into pieces that can be used in a marble maze or water toy. You can even create toy boats from the old gutters if you seal off the ends.

    4. Edges for the Garden

    You can still use your old rain gutters outdoors as well for the edge of your garden. Fill them with rocks or other decorative items to add the décor you need to your landscaping and to turn heads.

    5. Craft Storage

    Another way in which you can use old rain gutters for storage is in craft storage. Mount the gutter to your wall, and add your ribbon, yarn and tapes for easy access and easy pull. They can accommodate almost any size of any of these items as well.

    6. Organize Your Cables

    You can also organize your cables by using old rain gutters. Simply attach the old gutter to the back section of your desk, and you can then run the cables through it. Your cables are sure to stay tangle-free and will all be in one neat place.

    7. Renovate Your Outdoor Table

    You can renovate your outdoor table with old rain gutters as well. You can cut out a middle section, put in the gutter and make it a trough to keep beverages cold. Add the drinks and ice, and they are sure to stay chilled even outside in the Texas summer heat.

    8. Use in the Chicken Coop

    Old rain gutters are perfect for the chicken coop if you have chickens. Add the gutters under the cages, where the droppings from your chickens can fall and be collected in a waste container or in the trash.

    Final Thoughts

    Rain gutters can come in handy in all sorts of ways around the house, long outliving their use of collecting excess water. Be sure to contact Divided Sky if you’re looking for gutter installation in New Braunfels TX and be sure to hold on to the old gutters for the variety of uses above. You will find that they are the perfect solution to many of your organization problems and can be fun for your children.

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