7 Ways To Keep Pests Out Of Your Home

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    There are many kinds of pests that can get into your home. They mainly include rodents and insects but there are other kinds of pests that get into homes as well. There are many ways of keeping these animals out of your home, but some work better on other kinds of animals.

    Fixing holes in your roof

    Fixing holes in your roof is an important step in keeping pests out of your home. These holes give them access to your attic which is often where they want to be. Once they are in the attic the rest of the house is easy to get to.

    Adding vent and chimney covers

    Putting covers on vents and chimneys is another way of keeping out pests. If they cannot get through the openings they cannot get inside the house. Such covers allow air to flow through the vents and chimney while keeping out pests.

    Having Helpful Pets

    Pets can also be helpful and keeping away pests. Cats and dogs are particularly good for this. Cats will keep out mice and other rodents and they will also go after insects. Dogs will tend to go after outside pests such as chipmunks and squirrels. Rodents, in particular, seem to know when there is a cat around, and they will often stay away because of it.

    Trimming tree branches

    The branches of trees are one of the main ways that pests get into your home. This is how they gain access to the roof and thereby any access points on it. Because of this trimming branches to get them away from your roof will keep away the pests that climb on them. This is a helpful way of keeping squirrels and chipmunks out of your home.

    Setting up traps for the animals

    While setting up traps can include those that kill the animal such as mouse traps, they can also include traps that safely capture the animal so they can be moved. The result is the trapping means either killing the animal or moving it too far from your home to come back in.

    Calling an Exterminator

    While an exterminators main job is killing pests, they will often spray chemicals that will simply help keep them out. That is actually one of the main functions of a good spraying job that is you do not only kill the existing pests but prevent new ones from coming in.

    Finding alternative homes

    No, finding alternative homes for pests does not mean dumping a box of roaches into the yard of an annoying neighbor. What it means is buying or building nesting boxes for squirrels and chipmunks. This will give them a more convenient alternative to your attic for a nest.

    There are many more ways of keeping pests out of your home but these are proven to be effective. Yes some of them will kill the pest, but not all. This list gives you a wide variety of methods for keeping pests out of your home, use them wisely and carefully.

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