The Benefits of Attic Fans and How They Work  San Marcos Attic Fan Installation

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    It’s no surprise that the attic is one of the hottest parts of your home. Especially in the summertime, your attic gets even hotter.

    Having a hot attic may seem like the norm. Of course, it’s hot up there, it’s not air-conditioned and it’s exposed to the sun for half of the day. Not to mention that heat rises, so it tends to get trapped up there in your attic when its hot out. Having all that heat trapped in your attic can lead to overall more expensive electricity bills since your air conditioning unit has to work harder to cool down the places that are closer to your attic. Luckily there is a solution – it’s adding a fan to your attic. 

    Below we have included an in-depth guide on the benefits and functionality of attics fans.

    How Attic Fans Work

    Fans help you regulate the heat flow in spaces such as your attic. Your attic is one of the hottest places in your home for reasons such as:

    • The radiant heat from the sun and environment
    • The heat from resources such as shower heaters, air conditioners, and more
    • Heat can accumulate even more so because of components such as insulation

     Eventually, the heat accumulates and causes a considerable compromise to the functionality of your home. Having so much insulation up there really works to trap the heat and moisture – a good thing for when you are trying to heat up the house but a bad thing when you’re trying to cool it down. An attic fan works by ventilating any rising heat from your home or the sun to the outdoors. Once the fan starts working, you should notice improved temperature levels in your attic and other home areas.

    Benefits of an Attic Fan

     Using an Attic fan has various functionalities, including:

    Improved Energy Efficiency

    The fan helps to cool down your attic, which will reduce the work your AC has to perform in controlling temperatures. An AC that has to work hard for long periods often places a significant dent in your energy bills. Knowing how hot it can get in South Austin, adding attic fans could be just the thing you need to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

    Reduce Temperatures

    An attic fan can help reduce the temperatures on the second floor of your home. If you notice that the second floor of your property is never cool, it could be to the radiant heat from the attic making it harder for your ac unit to cool it down. Attic fans will help you reduce the heat levels on the second floor of your home in Wimberley by adding ventilation to the attic. 

    Increased Market Value

    A professionally installed attic fan will give a massive boost to the market value of the property. Many people, especially in warm regions, prefer properties that feature modern heat control solutions. An attic fan is a perfect example. 


    An attic fan could also help reduce the levels of damage to your roof. During the cold months, such as the onset of winter, the radiant heat could react with the ice to create condensation. The condensation could eventually accumulate and lead to mold development or eventual roof damage. 

    Boost Insulation Longevity

    Fans also help to boost the longevity of your attic insulation. Any high level of heat and humidity can eventually compromise the quality of insulation of your attic. Making sure excess condensation and moisture are allowed to escape ensures that your insulation won’t mold or deteriorate as fast.


    Being in the know about how heat levels in your attic can affect the overall temperature of the house, as well as being aware of how not properly ventilating your attic can lead to damage is the first step in ensuring you make the right decisions for your home. Installing a fan into the attic to assist in temperature and moisture regulation can keep your house more comfortable as well as keep you from having to hassle with repairs to the roof and attic insulation.

    If you are looking for attic fans installation in San Marcos, South Austin, or even as far as Wimberley, Tx, look no further. Divided Sky Roofing & Solar can assist you in making all the attic fan decisions and get you on a road to having a more energy efficient home.

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