Signs You Might Need New Windows: From your Window Replacement Company in San Marcos, TX

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How do you decide when your windows need to be changed in your home? Becoming a homeowner means that you have all the responsibilities of upkeep when something breaks or needs changing. Windows are some of the most important items in a home. They can help keep bugs and other critters from entering your home. They can also help air out your home if your cooking and smoke has filled the area. Living in a home without central air conditioning can be tough. Having working windows in your home allows you to properly install an air conditioning unit. As a homeowner you have to make the decision to either change the window yourself or hire a specialist to change it.

5 signs you might need new windows

  1. Number one sign that you should change your windows is seeing fluctuating energy bills. The type of window you own can help you determine if it is prone to leaks. A single pane window is prone to leaks. A faulty double pane window can lead to leaks as well. A great way to check for leaks is to run the air conditioning in the home and feel the windows. On a cold day if you are running the heater but the windows still feel cool, you may have a problem. A good way to check if there is a leak in your window is to hold a camera through all angles of the window to see if it flickers. Low E Double-Paned glass insulated with Argon is the best window to replace a bad one with. It reduces heating and cooling costs and helps regulate the temperature in the home.
  2. Is it tough to open or shut the window? If so, this is a telltale sign that you must change the windows. Wooden windows are extremely susceptible to this.
  3. Another sign that your windows may need to be changed is the acoustics. Do you hear every car driving by your home? Not only can this disrupt your peace, it can also point to a defected window. Buying great energy efficient windows will keep the noise outside to a minimum.
  4. For double pane windows you may find some condensation in between the panes. If that occurs, then you should seriously consider figuring out how to replace your window. It could possibly get worse and lead to higher bills or even possible damage to the window frame.
  5. If you live in an old home that for more than a couple years and you never changed the windows, then you should. If you want to renovate the home to sell, then you should also include new windows as well.
    Knowing the signs is half the battle. The next decision that falls on your lap is how will you replace the windows. If you decide to perform your own home improvement, then you will need to find the correct store. If you want a specialist, you can scour the internet and find the best option available. Either way keep an eye out on your windows.
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