Buying or Selling Property? Here’s Why You Need a Professional Roof Inspection

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    Purchasing a new home or a commercial property is a big commitment. It entails a large sum of money, and even if you get a loan, you make a huge commitment to monthly purchases. The process is complicated, involves contracts, qualifying for a mortgage, and many other things. The last thing you need is for something to go wrong with the property in the first few years of your purchase. Or at the very least, you need to know every maintenance need the house might have in the immediate future, and one of the most critical home elements is the roof. Before you buy or sell a home, you need to get the roof inspected.

    The roof is one of the most expensive features of a home, and roof deterioration can be very difficult to see from the outside of the home while walking up the driveway. Inside roof wear isn’t much easier to see either.

    The Best Course of Action

    Roofs have a shelf life just like any other product, and some roofs have more wear than others and might need an immediate replacement. You really can’t determine the need for a replacement based on the age of the roof either. Some roofs are less than 5 years old and need to be replaced, while others that are well maintained may have another 5 years of use despite being 10 years old. Only a good roof inspector can tell if curled up shingles are caused by water damage or by age.

    Isn’t a Home Inspection Enough?

    It is not really enough because a home inspection tends to look superficially at the structure and doesn’t perform a thorough inspection of the attic and roof. An experienced roof inspector will go over the roof and crawl space area in minute detail, noting every possible problem the property could have over the next few years.

    Why Hire a Qualified Roof Inspector?

    As an investor or new home owner, you need to know if there is water in the roof’s insulation. Water damage can fuel mold growth in a home, and that can be catastrophic to the property. The best course of action is hiring a reputable roofing company for a thorough inspection as part of the home inspection process. In doing so, you won’t inadvertently end up with a huge repair bill to replace your roof.

    What Are the Key Components Checked in a Professional Roof Inspection?

    During a professional roof inspection, the key components of roof inspection that are checked include the shingles, flashing, gutters, vents, and overall structural integrity. These are crucial elements to assess for any signs of damage, leaks, or deterioration that could impact the roof’s performance and durability.

    A Roof Inspection Helps in the Negotiation Process

    When you can see the full scope of the roof and what sort of work might be required in the future, you have more leverage when you negotiate a selling or buying price of a home. You may even be able to get the seller to decrease the sale price if the inspection reveals a compromised roof.

    Peace of Mind

    Even as a home seller, you might want to perform a roof inspection before listing your home. This documentation helps show potential home buyers that the roof, and consequently the home, is in great shape. This goes a long way towards establishing trust because you’ve already cleared up the most important concerns.

    Final Thoughts

    Roof damage is expensive to fix and can cause other severe structural damage if left unchecked or undetected. You don’t want to deal with these issues when buying or selling a home. Unfortunately, standard home inspections do not cover enough of the roof and thus do not give you an accurate assessment of the roof’s condition. This is why you want to hire a qualified roof inspector to inspect your roof before you’re involved with any sort of real estate transaction.

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