Preparing Your Home for a New Roof Advice from your Kyle roof company

Preparing Your Home for a New Roof

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    Getting a new roof installed could be exciting and stressful at the same time.  There are several things that you could do to prepare for a new roof installation. Taking these steps will help the process go more smoothly with less stress as well as preventing your valuables from possibly getting damaged.  

    Preparing for the Noise

    The process of having a new roof installed is not a quiet one.  Preparing anyone who might be affected by the noise should be prepared.  This includes children, neighbors, and pets. Children may be curious or scared of the noises.  It is best for them to stay inside while the roof is getting replaced due to the possibility of getting injured from flying debris.  If they are scared by the noise, it might be best to have them stay at a friend or relative’s house. It is also best to prevent your pets from going outside for the same reasons.  When you know that your roof is going to be getting replaced, let your neighbors know. They will appreciate the heads up about the noise.

    Preparing for the Vibrations

    With the noise, there are also vibrations that could go through the walls of your house. These vibrations have the potential to knock things off of the walls. Before your roof gets installed, remove anything that is not bolted to the walls. Another thing these vibrations will do is create a dust tornado in your attic. Cover everything with the attic with old sheets or drop cloths to prevent them from getting covered in dust. Taking the precautions will help prevent your valuables from getting dirty or damaged during the installation.

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    Preparing for the Workers

    There are several things that could be done outdoors to help prepare the workers to install your roof.  If you have a satellite or antenna on your roof, this will need to be removed. Call your provider to have them remove it while your roof is getting replaced.   If you have any tree limbs near the roof, they will need to be trimmed before the workers will be able to start. Locate any power outlets outdoors. The workers might need access to them if they use tools that require an outlet.   If you have a sprinkler system installed, mark the sprinkler heads with flags so the workers won’t step or trip on them. Move any patio furniture or lawn ornaments that could get damaged from falling debris. On the day of the installation, give the workers access to the driveway so they are closer to their equipment.  This will help the process go quicker.

    Before you start on the process of getting your home ready, ask your contractor if they help with any of the preparation services.  Some contractors might help with moving outdoor items or trimming trees. Doing these things will help make the process of getting your roof repaired uneventful and stress-free.  

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