How Ice and Hail Can Damage Your Roof Insight from Your Buda Roofers

Storm Damage
Roof with hail undergoing a roof inspection in Buda TX

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    Homeowners in many parts of the country know all too well the importance of having their roof inspected periodically. They want to ensure that their families and homes are protected from the different types of weather that could possibly damage the roof. Hail can occur in any area because there is no specific temperature needed for a hail storm. This inclement weather condition can happen during the summer when the weather is hot, or during other seasons as well. The climate in Texas is warm, but there are certain areas that are prevalent for ice and hail during the winter. Both these elements can cause serious damage to rooftops.

    The dangers of a hail storm

    Hail is the one element that is usually not forecast ahead of time. It can happen abruptly without warning. Small hail does not do much damage, but large hail can put dents and holes in a roof causing it to need replacing. Usually, the homeowner can not see the damage by looking up at the roof. When damage is suspected, it needs to be assessed by a professional. Sometimes the damage is easy to determine because the holes can cause the roof to leak. A good roofing company will inspect the roof, assess the damage, and give an estimate of the cost to repair or replace the roof.

    Roof problems when there is ice and snow

    Most roofing companies prefer not to repair a hail damaged roof because much of the damage may not be visible, but will continue to be a problem if the entire roof is not replaced. In the state of Texas, hail the size of golf balls are not unusual. Residents in this area of the country are not surprised when they see hail that large, so they know that there could be impending danger for neighborhood roofs. Ice and snow are also problematic for roofs. A minimal amount of these elements may not cause any damage, but a heavy snow or ice storm could cause the roof to cave in under the pressure. This is extremely dangerous because the homeowner will not see the probability of this happening until it is too late. This could cause injuries to family members as well.

    When the elements like hail, snow, and ice become extreme, checking the roof afterwards is always the ideal option. Often times, some damage can be seen when looking up at the roof, but not much. Homeowners will usually call their insurance adjusters to determine if a problem exists from the weather conditions. It may take until the next season before any damage is noticed. Being aware that these inclement weather situations can potentially cause roofing problems is the major part of the solution. Ice and snow will melt, but the water may cause an ice dam that could cause the roof to collapse. If the snow or ice stays around for a period of time, the probability of having the roof cave in at a high risk. Do not neglect the roof. Have regular inspections to ensure that the roof is strong enough to stand up to any type weather conditions so that the home is fully protected.

    Find Help from Professional Buda Roofers

    If you live in Central Texas and want to make sure your roof isn’t compromised by ice or hail, contact the experts on roofing in Buda TX at Divided Sky. Our expert team will go out to your home or business for a free roof inspection in Buda or any of the surrounding Central Texas towns. From there, we can assess any damage and determine whether you need a new roof or simply roof repair in Buda TX. We’ll make sure your roof is ready to protect your home or business for years to come!

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