Everything You Need To Know About New Replacement Windows: in Kyle TX and the Surrounding Area

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A house showcasing a new window replacement in Kyle TX

When it comes to replacement windows you have a choice with the type of windows that you would like to use for the replacement of the old windows. The two types of replacements are full-frame window replacements and insert window replacements. If you decide a full-frame replacement is needed you will have to have the entire existing windows replaced down to the house frame. This type of project usually requires a window replacement specialist to be complete correctly. Insert window replacements are a little more DIY friendly. The safest option is to have a professional install your replacement windows, but if you choose to replace the window yourself, you’ll need to use windows that will fit inside of the existing frame.

Installing Replacement Windows

The first step to installing replacement windows is to measure for the new window. This step is very important because it ensures that the new windows will fit in the insert space. The measurements should also include the measurement of the existing frame. The next step is to remove the old window. If your home was built before 1978 you should contact a professional before going further. There could be a risk of exposure to lead paint. However, if that’s not the case you’ll need to remove the old window from the frame. For windows with sashes it is usually easier to remove them from the inside, and others from the outside. Be very careful not to break any of the glass.

Removing An Old Window

You can remove the windows by lifting them out of their channels or removing the screws. The next step would be to score along the edge of the window frame then remove the screws and the frame. If you have older windows in your home they may have weights so you have to cut the cord and let the window fall inside the frame to remove it. If your window is a sash spring window then you will have to cut the springs to remove the window. If there are any holes in the wood where the new window will be placed make sure you feel any of these hoes with wood filler. If any would-be severely damaged and rotten it should be removed before replacing the window.

Installing The New Window

The first step for installing new windows is to clean the opening of the window. The next step is to apply flashing tape to the window seal. You should make sure that the flashing tape fits the length of the seal and extends up the stool leg vertically. You should make sure that there is no bowing and dry-fit the new window into the opening. The next step will be to apply silicone caulk to the stops and the window seal how about 3/8-inch. Then place the window in the opening aligned with the pre-drilled frame screw holes. The next step is to screw the window down and make sure that the sashes sit evenly in the frame. After the window is screwed down make sure it is level and square. If there is any gaps present use spray foam insulation to fill the gaps.

Find Help Installing Your Windows in Kyle TX

Not sure about installing a window on your own? Contact the Kyle window contractors at Divided Sky Roofing & Exteriors to schedule an appointment with one of our window experts. We’ve installed windows in homes and businesses in and around Kyle countless times, and will be happy to have your installation completed quickly and cleanly.

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