5 Signs You Need New Entry Doors From your Door Repair and Installation Company in San Marcos TX

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    The front door of your home plays a big role in the overall assessment of your property. A welcoming entryway will make guests feel relaxed and at ease when they approach your residence. As well, the front door will increase the value of your home. On the other contrary, a door in need of repair can lower your home’s value and will quickly lose its curb appeal.

    Knowing when to replace your front door is directly linked to your home’s curb appeal, property value and safety. In fact, it is critical that you know the signs of when to replace your front door o that your home is secure and maintained. In fact, there are five basic signs that will help you determine when to replace your entry door.

    Warps or Cracks

    Weather, harsh winters and age can cause your door to warp and crack. Over time, your door no longer functions as it should. What is more, cracks may be a sign that the door is structurally weak and can allow bugs to enter the home. Regardless of the reason, a warped or cracked door is a serious safety concern and needs to be replaced.

    Squeaking or Sticking

    It can be very irritating when a door squeaks or sticks. The issues are generally caused by aging. However, it can occur from damage such as moisture that has seeped into the wood or from worn out hinges. In fact, the problem typically gets worse as time goes by. In truth, it is time to replace your front door if it’s a struggle to open it or the noise is so loud that it’s impossible to sneak into the house.


    If you notice a draft when you walk by your entryway, then you most likely need a new front door. Gaps between the frame and door are naturally occurring and happen over time. Although you can use a door stopper to prevent drafts, it’s a temporary fix. In truth, a door stopper will not help you maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. A new door is the only solution. A new entry door will keep the drafts out, lower utility costs and increase the value of your home.


    The influx of temperatures and the weather can cause condensation build-up between the panes of glass in your door. In addition, moisture can spread throughout the wood and fixtures, causing mold and mildew if left untreated. Although mold can be cleaned, it is generally a sign that there’s an issue with the glass seals. For the most part, it is more cost effective to buy a new door rather than try and treat the mold and replace the seal. . Likewise, you want to get rid of the mold entirely for health concerns.

    Scrapes on the Floor

    A new door that scrapes the floor when opened or closed definitely needs replaced. Old doors can sag or warp, which causes damage to your floor every time you open and close it. Unfortunately, a warped door cannot be repaired. Although some homeowners see the problem only as an aesthetic issue, it is much more than visual appeal. A warped door is a sign of continued exposure to moisture. Eventually, the door will crack and rot. It is better to replace the door as soon as possible. A replacement will increase the value of your home, lower your utility bill and save your floor from further damage.

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