Types of Roof Vents: Which is Right for You? Insights into Roofing from our Kyle TX roof repair team

Roof Ventilation
Turbine vents on a home's roofing, from the Kyle TX roof repair team at Divided Sky

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    Our homes need to be properly ventilated for us to live at ease and healthy. Those who would like to save cash or live in a good health life should take care of their roof ventilation. Proper roof aeration is important because it adjusts temperature on the inside and outside parts of the roof. Poor ventilation can result in insulation and wood weakening. Vents play an important role in our homes because they allow hot air to move out which, on the other hand, boost fresh air circulation. Nowadays, there are numerous roof vents available in the market. Even though they all perform the same tasks, they come with different prices, designs and materials. In this article, we will discuss a few types of vents you can buy for your home to improve ventilation. Keep reading to learn which one is right for you, from our Kyle TX roofing team.

    Roof Ridge Vents

    These vents as the name suggests are installed at the peak points of the roofs. They play an essential role in our homes because they enable hot air to move out throughout the top of the roof. You can install these types of vents on both new roofs and old ones. They do not only improve the quality of indoor air but also increase the lifespan of asphalt shingles, hence cost saving.

    Turbine Vents

    These type of vents are not new to many people. Their dome shape allows them to catch the wind and spin vent, hence pulling hot air out of the house. The turbines are turned by free power from the wind. If there is the insufficient wind, these vents don’t provide enough ventilation. They are not used in hurricane-prone areas. Turbine vents need to be covered properly because they allow rain to enter the roof space.

    Pot Vents

    These vents look like an upside-down pot. They are mounted over a hole in the roof. Unlike turbine vents, they do not need any source of energy to operate. They are installed in roofs with very little roof ridge.

    Solar Powered Vents

    As the name suggests, their fans are turned by a solar-powered motor. They also look like the pot vents. They are mostly used during the summer season.

    Soffit Vents

    These are regarded as the best vents for roof ventilation. The best place to install them is at the soffit of the roof. They are the ideal choices for ventilation because they serve as inlets and outlets of indoor air. You can install them in two different styles. When these vents are used together with baffle they can effectively remove hot air from our homes.

    Power Ventilators

    These vents are installed in the gable vents. They remove air from the attic using electric fans. Nowadays they are not used in many homes like in the past because they have some cons. They are not reliable like the vents we have mentioned above because they force the indoor air to pass through the ceiling leaks. These vents allow mold, mildew pores and radon gas to accumulate in your home and hence unreliable.

    As you can see, not all roof vents need a moving part to operate. They are different because they come with different designs colors, and shapes. But before you buy them, you need to consider some factors such as cost, aesthetic look and energy-efficient.

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