Steps To Take After A Hailstorm Tips from Your Kyle TX Roof Repair Team

Storm Damage
Hail stones on pavement documented by our Kyle TX roof repair team

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    Hailstorms aren’t common in Central Texas, but when they do occur they can be devastating to roofs. Even small hail can cause significant damage, and large hail even more so. The problem with hail is often not the severity of the damage to a roof, but how widespread the damage is. If the hail damage, even if slight, covers a certain percentage of a roof, it’s often recommended to have the entire roof replaced rather than attempting to repair widespread damage. From our Kyle roofing team, below are some tips for what to do after a hailstorm affects your home.

    Document Everything

    Document as much of the relevant storm details as you can. The time and date the storm occurred, when you found damage if you can notice it from the ground, and what the damage consists of are all details you can include. A copy of this an be useful to keep for your records in case your insurance company needs the information later if you make a claim.

    Remember to check your home closely for damage after the storm has passed. Small things, such as dents in your gutters or bent shingles, can indicate signs of damage. While these may seem like small issues, if ignored they have turn into much bigger problems. It may be helpful to also check outside appliances for damage, such as air conditioner units.

    First Things First

    It is important, when searching for damage that may have come about as a result of a hailstorm, that you prioritize. This means taking care of any emergency situations before you deal with one that can be left for later. In the case of your roof, storm damage that requires emergency repair usually includes damage that is actively letting water into your home, such as a hole in the roof or a large leak.

    Get an Inspection

    A lot of the time, there is damage to a roof caused by a hailstorm that most people are unable to see. In this instance, it may be prudent to get a professional roofer to come in and inspect your roof and find all the problems.

    Many roofing companies even offer the inspection free of charge. You just have to set up an inspection and if you decide to follow up on problems by hiring them to fix them that is your call. However, without an inspection you will not know the extent of the damage, and if it is more than you thought. Here, roof inspections are very useful.

    Start the Process of Filing Your Claim

    Filing a claim with your home insurance company is usually a good idea when hail damage is involved, since the damage often covers a large, if not the entire, portion of the roof. Repairs for widespread damage can be costly, so making a claim is often the first place to start.

    Keep your documentation on hand to help filing your claim, and find a trustworthy roofing company to help with your repairs. Most roofing companies have plenty of experience working with homeowners’ insurance, and some can even assist you in filing your claim.

    Contact Your Local Kyle Roofing Company

    While damage caused by hailstorms can seem like a dramatic issue, taking the right first steps and finding a local roofer you can trust will have the incident behind you in no time. For more information about storm damage repair, contact Divided Sky, your local roofing company in Kyle TX and the surrounding area, to find out how we can help.

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