How Texas Heat can Affect Your Roof Insights from Your Kyle TX Roofing Company

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    Texas is extremely hot, especially during summer. The effect of this heat on your roof is tremendous. It is, therefore, important to understand how this heat affects your roof as you can prolong the life of your roof. Hence saving your time and money.

    Roofing degradation

    Extended exposure of your roof to direct sunlight greatly affects your roofing material. If your roof has stayed for over two decades, be sure that the direct sun will degrade it. Its Asphalt singles may buckle, erode, or even peel off, exposing the wood surface to direct sun and rain, leading to water damage. It is important to replace your roof before summer sets in, especially if your roof has outlived 20 years.

    High humidity

    High temperature is a great contributor to roof damages in Texas, but it becomes worse when combined with high humidity. When moisture in the air and heat come in effect, your home may be vulnerable to the dangerous storms. The more your roof is exposed to moisture, the more it rots and damages the already venerable surface.

    Moisture can find its way beneath the protective layers of your roof. This comes in play, especially if your roof is not waterproof. Or because of leaks, and warped structures from aged roofs.

    Thermal shock

    When the temperature fluctuates, your roofing system tends to follow suit by expanding and contracting. The continuous expansion and contraction weaken your roof and slight its surface making it venerable for moisture and water hence more damage.

    When you see your roof peeling off, splitting, cracking, and shingle dis-figuration, then know that thermal shock has taken place.

    Roof discoloration

    Ever wondered if the color of your roof matters? Yes, it matters. The color of your shingles comes in play to reflect sunlight releasing your roof from the UV light as much as possible. Therefore, the color of your roof help to not only reflect sunlight but also keeps your home cool.

    The role of your roof is to keep your temperature under check; hence the service from an old and cracked roof missing some shingles cannot be compared to a brand-new roof. You will feel cooler under a new roof than the aged one.

    Can you then see the importance of your roof color? Therefore, the sun drains the color of your once bright shingles the way it does with anything in its powerful UV rays. Consider the coloration of your roof from time to time.

    What to expect from your roof?

    A quality roof should render you the best ranging for temperature regulation to the conservation of your property. It should repel moisture from reaching your house from above and prevent your home from water damage. It should reflect solar heat even in the hottest summer temperatures. A new and quality roofing system should have shingles coated to reflect sun rays, ventilated to save your house from heat build-up and waking gutter system to guide rainwater.

    For a better roofing system, always inspect your roof for time to time to prevent it from heat damage. Replace the shingles as soon as possible or call a professional to examine it before summer. This will make your home remain safe from moisture and strong from the storms.

    Need a Reputable Kyle Roofing Company?

    If you live in or around Kyle TX, your home’s roof has no doubt been affected by the brutal Texas summer heat. If you’re looking for a professional assessment to see how you can extend the life of your roof, contact the experts at Divided Sky, your local Kyle roofing contractors. We can inspect your roof for free and determine how you can get the most out of it for years to come.

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