How Often Should You Get Your Roof Inspected? Tips from your New Braunfels Roofing Company

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    It can be easy to ignore your roof. If there aren’t any leaks coming through your ceiling, then you can just ignore any roofing needs that it might need. However, this is a complacency that can be dangerous to make a habit of. Your roof may actually be in dire need of help. In fact, it may only be a single case of bad weather that could cause your entire attic to fall in and collapse. To ensure that your roof remains strong, you should know when to inspect it and what to look for during that inspection.

    How Often?

    The biggest question that you may face is how often do you actually need tfo have a roof inspected? The answer typically rests around two years. Both periods should occur at a time during the season when the weather is quite tame. One inspection should be held just after summer and the other should be held just after winter. This is because the summer can offer up quite a few unpleasant storms. Your roof could be battered with tree branches and other debris. Even hard rain and gusting winds can damage a roof. By having your roof inspected by a team of professionals just after summer has finished, they can determine if there are any structural issues with the roof. If it needs to be repaired, then it can be done in a timely manner that ensures it’s ready to face the brunt of winter. Which leads to the second inspection. During the winter, you have a lot of heavy snow that has been sitting on top of your roof for an extended time. Ice likely also sat beneath or within that snow. As the temperatures increase, the snow melts into water and saturates your roof. By having your roof inspected after the winter season is over, you can determine if the heavier weight of the snow caused a lot of stress on your roof. You can also determine if the water melted in through any of the cracks or gaps and damaged your attic.

    How Often Should a Roof Inspection Be Done to Ensure Proper Maintenance?

    It’s recommended to schedule inspection procedures for roofs at least once a year. However, if your area experiences harsh weather conditions or if you’ve noticed any potential issues, consider scheduling more frequent inspections. Regular inspections can help identify and address any roofing issues before they become larger, more costly problems.

    What To Look For

    Immediate damage to your roof is obvious. Shingles may be removed or held only loosely to the roof. Damaged shingles mean that your attic is exposed. Roof repair should be performed as quickly as possible. You should also check your gutters. If you notice a lot of granules within the gutter, this may also indicate that your shingles are worn. The granules help the shingles last against the sun and other inclement weather. Without them, the shingles can wear down a lot faster. The less subtle signs that your roof needs to be repaired can be found within your attic. Bring a candle with you and slowly pass it along throughout your attic. If you notice the flame is flickering, then it means that there is a gap in the roof. This exposure can let in water which can damage your attic. To ensure nothing was missed, you should have a professional team perform the inspection. They possess effective equipment.

    Let A Professional Take Care Of The Rest

    Repairing a roof is no small task. Whether it be minor shingle conditions or major storm damage, you should always hire a professional to inspect and repair the damages made to your roof. Improper or temporary repairs to your roof can overtime create cracks and gaps allowing for water to leak into your attic causing further damage. It’s probably best to play it safe and let a professional handle the job.

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