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    While there are many differences between a commercial building and residential home, one sticks out as the most common. Most residential buildings have a pitched roof (when the roof slopes down from a designated point), while many commercial buildings have a completely flat roof. Here are a few reasons why many businesses have been and continue to choose installing flat metal roofing materials for their New Braunfels building.

    Cost of Install

    Due to the fact that without a point to work up and down from causing less surface area to cover, a flat roof requires less material than a pitched or sloped roof. This reduces the cost of install from many vantage points. Not only do you need to purchase less material for the roof, but the flat roof is also faster to install. This also allows for a reduction in labor cost, allowing the overall construction budget to drop.


    A flat roof is a lot easier and safer to wash and do maintenance on. Due to the general flatness, walking around for whatever reason does not require as much safety equipment and training as a pitched or sloped roof. A flat roof also allows a company to install their air conditioning units safely on top instead of on the ground. This has a lot of advantages to it because it limits other people’s contact with it which discourages vandalism and accidental damage.


    The energy bill for your company will naturally be lower, as well. Because the flat roof reduces the amount of space allowed for air to flow through, the overall energy bill will be reduced. Furthermore, the material used for a flat roof is more reflective, paired with the shape, less heat is absorbed, reducing the work an air conditioning unit needs to do. A flat roof also allows for easier installation of solar panels, which is a continual way to vastly reduce energy bills over time.

    Usable Space

    A flat roof opens up opportunity for available space that can be used at the owner’s discretion such as storage, a community rooftop garden or, depending on the size of the roof, a location for a designated party or break space. There are many different options for outdoor furniture, lighting, and seating areas. This opens up a lot of potential to transform a bland roof space to a strategically designed space that can raise morale.

    Tip: Before hosting a place for people on a commercial roof, there are many safety precautions that should be taken in order to ensure your personal liability as well as the well being of your employees.


    A flat roof allows for easier maintenance and cleaning, especially in unsavory weather conditions like rain. This can allow for more regular cleaning that can be done by an on-site cleaning crew, reducing the cost of higher end cleaning. This will also minimize the opportunity for algae and bacteria which allows your flat commercial roof to last longer, serving you, your business, and your community for many more years to come.

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