What Repairs Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover? From Your Wimberley Roofing Company

What Repairs Does Homeowner's Insurance Cover

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    Replacing your roof is a costly event that is for the most part, not something many homeowners want to have to do.  Unfortunately, things like deterioration because of age and natural occurrences such as hail or wind damage could cause your roof to need repair or replacement.  There are some instances that may have New Braunfels roof repair covered by your homeowners insurance.

    Most Things Should Be Covered

    The rule of thumb is that if it was caused by something that wasn’t due to neglect or normal wear and tear, New Braunfels roofing insurance will probably cover it.  There are some cases where additional coverage will need to be purchased due to the home’s location. For example, a home located in tornado alley would need additional coverage for wind damage. If you have a detached garage, damage to the roof may only be covered under ‘other structures protection.

    Natural Disasters Are Covered

    Most insurance policies cover damage due to fire, wind, hail, fallen trees, an/or squirrels.  Yes, squirrels, or any pesky critter that may have decided to tear up your roof to get inside your home.  Some policies have a wind or hail exclusion, buy may offer additional coverage if needed. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and mudslides are also not typically covered under regular insurance policies.  If roof damage were to occur due to one of those instances, insurance wouldn’t cover repair costs unless additional coverage was purchased.

    Maintaining Roof Inspections and Condition

    Most policies won’t cover normal wear and tear and this could be a gray area when filing a claim.  If your roof is damaged in a storm and the adjusters deem it was due to the condition of your roof prior to the storm, chances are they won’t pay to get it repaired.  In order to prevent denial of a claim, get regular roof inspections. Many New Braunfels roofing companies offer free inspections. A claim can’t be denied due to prior condition if an inspection showed it was in good condition.

    Knowing Your Deductible

    Most roof insurance is covered under your home insurance policy.  If you roof is damaged, you would need to file a claim to find out if it is covered under your policy. Usually a deductible will apply if the claim is approved. This is the amount of money you pay out of pocket toward a covered claim.  For example, if the damage done to your roof was $10,000 and you have a $500 deductible, you would only be responsible for paying deductible and the insurance would pay for the rest.  Some insurances have coverage limits. For example, if that same policy had a $9000 coverage limit, you would be responsible for the remaining $1000.

    It is a good idea to ask about roof coverage when deciding on a New Braunfels roofing insurance policy for your home.  You don’t want to have any surprises in lack of coverage if something were to happen to your roof.  Also, getting regular inspections is a good practice for maintaining your roof’s longevity as well as documentation in case a claim needs to be made.  Doing these things will help the process of filing a claim less stressful in the case that a claim needs to be filed.

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