Choosing A Roof Style and Material For Upgrade

Choosing A Roof Style and Material For Upgrade

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    Having a home is one of life’s greatest treasures. In addition to the joy of home living, homes are a great investment financially. In many cases, a person’s home is the greatest financial investment they make in their lifetime. One of the main concerns for homeowners, is ensuring proper maintenance and care of the home. Lack of proper care of the structural and mechanical systems, can cause major problems for the home if left unattended. One of the major areas of concern in any home is maintaining the roof system.

    Roof System Materials and Recent Changes

    In general, an older asphalt primary roofing system will last between 15- 25 years. However, newer roofing systems offer homeowners a much longer lifespan. So, homes that are older than 20 years old will likely have more than one roof layer or the entire roof system may have been replaced at least once. Much has changed in the world of roofing and roofing materials in the last few decades. Traditional roofing materials in existing homes before 1980 were primarily a black, brown or charcoal colored. The materials were traditionally asphalt-based shingles. However, today there is a wide variety of different materials and colors for homeowners to choose from. The improvements in quality level, materials and integrative higher standards in roof materials has been an exciting change in the industry. By contrast to older style roof shingles, today’s roof materials can beautify a home in addition to protecting it from structural degradation. When looking to define what works best for a roof, there are several important factors to decide upon. These include:

    • Cost
    • Color
    • Design
    • Materials
    • Weight
    • Durability
    • Ease of Installation
    • Safety Features

    Each of these issues are variables in the newer materials for roofing. While traditional older roofing materials lasted between 15-20 years before needing to be replaced, today’s roofing materials can last upwards of 70 years or longer. One of the primary reasons people still buy standard grade asphalt shingles is cost. While almost all roofing materials now feature some safety standards against fire and mold, the level of the protection of older materials can be nominal compared to the newer upgraded roofing materials offered today.

    Does the Roof Inspection Help in Determining the Suitable Roof Style and Material for an Upgrade?

    Before upgrading your roof, the inspection of your roof is crucial in determining the best style and material. A thorough inspection will reveal any structural issues, weather damage, or wear and tear, helping you make an informed decision about the most suitable upgrades for your home.

    Longevity in Roofing Materials

    In any area of the country, having a good roofing system is important to ward off the chance of serious damage in the event of inclement weather. However, most standard materials do not provide the same kind of longevity as the higher-grade materials such as metal, slate, cedar and synthetics. However, there has also been a major transformation in asphalt shingle quality in the last few decades. Manufacturers have changed their composition to offer greater durability and strength to keep up with competitor materials that have longer lifespans and offer greater durability. In addition to durability, there has been a significant change in roof shingle styles and colors. The standard grey, black or beige rectangle style roof shingle style are still available for those who like the color and symmetry. However, newer styles and colors have emerged that offer homeowners better choices in aesthetic design. Newer styles include curved edges and layered stacking designs that have changed the way roof systems look on homes offering a European style. These style changes have upgraded the standard roof system and turned roofing into an aesthetic home improvement in addition to a structural one. Are you in need of a roof repair or replacement near San Marcos or Kyle, TXCall Divided Sky Roofing & Solar, a San Marcos roofing company, today to find out how you can schedule a free roof inspection.

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