Are Your Shingles Discontinued? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Worry

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    The roofing industry is constantly evolving and changing, so you never know when your old shingles might become obsolete. At the same time, if you’re replacing your roof because of rain damage or other factors, then there are some benefits to be had by buying shingles that are still in production.

    So, should you be worried if you find out your roof’s shingles have been discontinued? Below, we’ll shed some light on what this means and why it’s usually not such a big deal.

    How Do Shingles Get Discontinued?

    When manufacturers of shingles change their product lines, they will often designate that it is not compatible with older models. In most cases, this has to do with how the shingles are packaged.

    If a contractor installs new shingles on top of old ones, they might accidentally mix them up and put the wrong one on top! For example, if a roofer is installing two layers of shingles over your old ones, they need to ensure that they are installed correctly. A good roofing company will be able to tell when a roof is using discontinued shingles and adjust their work accordingly.

    Will My Insurance Company Cover Discontinued Shingles?

    It is not always the case that your insurance will cover a full roof replacement if you have discontinued shingles. You should review your policy before claiming, as coverage varies.

    Below are some of the policy options:

    • Some policies only cover work that ensures your home’s safety.
    • Some policies cover the cost by closely matching the old roofing shingles with currently available shingle options.
    • Some policies only cover the repair of a layer of shingles, even when it does not meet your building’s codes

    Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Worry

    Despite these policies, there is a catch! Many states have laws that require matching the shingles and line of sight clauses. This forces the insurance companies to make the shingles match. Therefore, your insurance company is highly likely to approve a complete replacement when the damage is great. However, they would opt for functionality rather than aesthetics.

    What Are My Roof Repair and Matching Options?

    If you have a house with old or damaged roof shingles, we suggest contacting your local roofing contractor immediately to determine if these shingles are still available. If they are, there isn’t a problem, and the issue should be solved without further intervention. Your local roofing contractor will work toward matching the existing shingles with the ones in the market.

    While comparing samples, you should put the old and new shingles side by side. If the old shingles have faded, you can opt for a lighter shade of the same roofing shingle. You can also opt to paint them if you do not get a perfect match—this approach will ensure that the shingles are practically unnoticeable from far. Also, note that algae stains pose a challenge in matching new shingles.

    If you must do a total replacement, you can choose your preferred shingles within the budget. However, you will need the help of a professional roofer to evaluate the damage before contacting your insurance company.


    In most cases, homeowners are usually unaware that the manufacturers have discontinued their shingles until their roofs suffer damage. It might be a challenge to fix minor roof damages that do not need a total roof replacement when your roof uses discontinued shingles. However, for major damages that need complete roof replacement by the insurance company, you may not need to worry as your roof will have shingles currently in the market after the replacement.

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