Types of Doors and Their Benefits

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Types of Doors

Most people think that a door is just a door, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Different doors have different purposes, and depending on your circumstances, it could make a big difference as to what kind of door you have. Let’s go over some of the different types of doors, what they’re used for, an which ones you should consider getting.

1. Basic Wooden Doors

A wooden door is the most basic type of door, and has been used ever since ancient times. It’s sturdy, reliable, and can be very cost effective to produce depending on the type of wood used. Also, since wood is easy to work with, many wooden doors can be decorative as well as functional, making them a top choice for home owners with no special needs.

Other benefits include the fact that wooden doors can be stained rather than painted in order to show off the wood’s natural grain. High end wooden doors can also be waterproof, soundproof, and eco-friendly.

2. Batten, Frame, Ledge, and Brace Wooden Doors

For greater durability and strength, a wooden door can be outfitted with a battens, ledges, frames, and braces. As the name implies, a frame is a wooden structure that frames the outside of the door. A battens are vertical reinforcement planks, while ledges are horizontal reinforcement planks. A brace is a diagonal plank that runs between ledges for more support.

The big benefit here is that doors that are reinforced with a combination of these planks are much more sturdy than a normal wooden door. This makes them great for use in farm buildings such as barns, workshops, and stables.

3. Metal Doors

For those looking for something a bit more durable and long lasting than wooden doors, metal doors are a great choice. Since they are made of metal, these doors offer corrosion resistance, and a high level of dimensional accuracy. They also don’t need to be fixed/replaced as often as wooden doors.

Metal doors also tend to have a high level of versatility in their construction. Some are made to be storm resistant, others have glass panels to make them more attractive, which is great for businesses. They can also be designed with a variety of patterns, and other decorative elements.

4. Louvered Doors

The louvered door is a type of door that tends to focus on a combination of functionality, and style. Thees doors feature horizontal slats that run across the front of the door, sometimes covering the entirety of the door from top to bottom. Not only do louvered doors look great, they also work to improve airflow. Because of this you can often times find these doors used for closets to prevent them from becoming musty. That said, the fact that they promote airflow makes them a poor choice as a barrier between inside and outside a home, due to insulation issues. However, they are amazing for promoting airflow within the house.

Picking the Right Door

Finding the right door for your home or office doesn’t have to be hard. Once you have an idea of your specific needs, and your budget, it’s then only a matter of picking out the door that best suits you. Whether you need a door for your home or business, there is definitely a door that will fulfill all your needs.

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